Jason Kessler tells Christopher Cantwell that Chief of Police Al Thomas told him that permit or no permit, the police intend to keep counter-protesters away from Emancipation Park...

Jason Kessler told podcast host Christopher Cantwell that Charlottesville Chief of Police Al Thomas has assured him that counter-protesters will not be allowed to occupy Emancipation Park on Saturday, regardless of whether Jason and the Alt-Right have a permit to hold their demonstration, or not. Listen here (Skip to 5:32):

Jason Kessler: "The Police have been cooperative with us. They understand the difference between us and Black Lives Matter."
Christopher Cantwell: "And they don't have to worry about winning elections." 
Jason Kessler: "Yeah, well they still have the pressure from City Council, but I think that they have been trying to do their best to make sure that people's First Amendment rights are not infringed upon. Because, I mean, we're going to have our event, and the people who don't like us are going to have their area where they can protest us, and that's well within the bounds of the First Amendment, and that's the way it should be, but City Council is trying to shred the First Amendment, and say that it only applies to these Leftist groups, but for us, we don't get the right to assemble where we want to, but Lee park is a public park, and you can carry in a public park. It's not going to be an issue with that. If you are worried about being arrested for a misdemeanor charge, does this increase the likelihood you could be arrested for disorderly conduct or something? Ah, perhaps. I had a meeting with the Chief of Police right after this announcement was made, and I told him, "Look, we're going to have this rally, one way or the other. This is our civil right, and we're going to do that, can we still expect the same level of police support? Can we still expect the barricades? Can we still expect that ANTIFA are not going to be occupying the park before we go to do our rally?" And he said, "Yes, that's the case." So, if we demand that we're going to have the rally, permit or no, the police are still going to protect us, and they're still going to keep out, keep the park for us, and keep the ANTIFA out."

Cantwell, again clarifies that this is what Jason is alleging that Chief of Police Al Thomas told him personally (Skip to 8:13):

Christopher Cantwell: "But you're saying the police are still going to be there. They're still going to set up the barricades. They're still going to do whatever they can to try to differentiate between us and ANTIFA?"
Jason Kessler: "Yeah. That's my understanding. That's what I was told by the Chief of Police, is that they still want things to proceed safely, and so forth, but I think that anybody who is going to this thing, you should be looking at a scenario where you're not catching any more than just a misdemeanor trespass, or whatever."

Additionally, Cantwell has started a page to post updates for Unite The Right, in which he advises people to carry weapons, and not to follow through on the violent ideas he claims that they talk about on his podcast, Radical Agenda. Most people don't have to add disclaimers and warnings not to follow through on violent thoughts, just sayin'. We're attempting to get to the bottom of these claims, and see if they have any validity. We will update you with any comment from the City.

Jason also tweeted this out recently:

City spokesperson Miriam Dickler has responded:

Restoring the honor!


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