Infight The Right: Occidental Dissent's "Marcus Cicero" calls modern Neo-Nazis "LARPers", says to "stop fantasizing" about the Fourth Reich...

I mean, he's literally stabbing Azzmador and the Stormer Book Clubbers right in the back and making fun of them. Dick move bro. These intellectual polo and khaki Nazi types think they're better than the straight armers...

"Ok, so this is going to be a bit of a tough pill for some folks to swallow, but you’re never going to see National Socialism as practiced in the Third Reich spring forth in the United States in a way that’s copy-paste.
Some people just don’t seem to understand that the conditions that brought Adolf Hitler to power were specific to one nation (maybe two) at a specific moment in time, and that what issued forth during the 1930’s was not even a finished product – there wasn’t even a serious succession method developed that could have withstood power struggles and feuds.
Sure, you could theoretically implement some of the Reich’s most successful policies and ideologies in a new form of government (I would), but to attempt to entirely transplant EVERYTHING would prove to be a colossal failure that probably wouldn’t even get off the ground due to the specific mindset within the White American population – even Rockwell (read his Playboy interview) spoke about keeping large chunks of the American state intact under his proposed system.
I suppose in a nutshell it’s best to say that governments, people, Leaders, and certain ideologies come, go, and die, but philosophical truths are eternal – some pieces of NS were based off of ideas that had floated around since the days of Ancient Greece and Rome, while others were just creations meant to combat the specific degeneracy of the Weimar Republic).
Stop fantasizing about something that was literally said to be “not for export,” and get into the real-world Movement that may very well be growing strong enough to bring change to our crumbling society."

I've been assured that Azzmador WILL speak whether Occidental Dissent wants to have a laugh at his expense or not.

Restoring the honor! 


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