Infight The Right: Brad Griffin's a "bitch", Jason Kessler's a "fraud" begging Patriots to protect him, and other things we learn from the Threepers...

Well now, this sure looks like a spirited free speech discussion. I'm telling you folks, the violence will be between the Alt-Right, and those they are trying to convert into white nationalists. Things to note. Brad Griffin is now telling the Patriots that they weren't "invited" to the free speech event. This is a public demonstration, open to anyone. This is total hypocrisy of the Alt-Right to disinvite anyone from a public event. The truth is, Brad Griffin is one of the spin masters of the Alt-Right. His job is to take a turd and make it look like a diamond. But there's not enough polish in the world to clean this stinky piece shit up. Also note, the repeated claim that Jason Kessler invited the Patriots not just to Unite The Right, but previous events. One Patriot claims below that they were invited, and even says that the 43rd Virginia helped Jason once before. The Alt-Right is all lies. Everything is spin. For you Patriots reading this, if you really want to make them look like fools, send us screens of the invites to . We will take your names out, or you can do it, whichever you prefer.  

Folks, when this is all said and done, and the Alt-Right looks back on what a total clusterfuck they created, they need to remember that the blame should lay at the feet of people like Brad Griffin and Jason Kessler, who are both instrumental in putting Franken-rally together. These are the braintrusts that should not be forgotten for this disaster coalition.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Why are people like you such cuckolds? What do you even stand for at this point? Apparently you are more than happy to let foreign enemies fuck you and future generations of your family over, while you talk shit to people that actually want to do something about it.

  2. You get funnier and more pitiful all the time. Spend all this time copy-pasting stuff nobody except the people involved even care about, like you're some kind of investigative journalist. But your hate blog is just the Fake News Amateur Hour.

    1. Can you ask Barry if he's going to the Nazi rally for me? If not, NBD, we're going to have a couple thousand cameras there to document.

    2. I don't know of any Nazi rally but I know the Nazis were destroyed in 1945.

      Barry is 900 miles from me. You wanna know, you aks him.

    3. Oh I'd love to, if only he, or anyone with the Flaggers would talk to me, but honestly, you already know they won't, and you know why. It's fine, we know who will be there, and we will make sure everyone knows who they are and what orgs they rep. Maybe he'll be among them, maybe he won't. Time will tell. I'm guessing that you didn't hear that the National Socialist Movement publicly announced that they are now coming. Really not a big deal, the rally already had a ton of Nazi involvement, the announcement just made it official.


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