Infight The Right: Brad Griffin invites infighting at Unite The Right rally over rumored sexual predator and informant Bill Riccio...

Bill Riccio is allegedly coming to the Unite The Right rally, says upstanding model citizen Shaun Winkler

Brad Griffin is now at it again, sowing division within the Unite The Right ranks, by encouraging infighting, and it looks like he's been successful.

And although there are a ton of red flags about Riccio, no one really seems ready to pull the trigger, so to speak, on barring him from attending.

I mean, you have to understand, Matt Heimbach's hands are tied, there is nothing he can do. 

See, nothing they can do. Completely powerless. Although, didn't Brad Griffin just try to discourage the Threepers from coming the other day by bemoaning the fact that they weren't "invited"

Perhaps the inclusion of shady characters is all by design to actually destroy Unite The Right, rather than bring it together?

Not everyone is happy about this development, that no one can seem to stop.

But no worries folks, just because they're too weak to stop him from coming, that doesn't mean they can't beat the shit out of him in front of everyone when he gets there.

That is, if the police and Patriots don't stop them. Even Michael Hill says there's nothing that the old man can do. 

I partially agree with the prevailing white nationalist sentiment about Unite The Right, it will be the largest, clusterfuck you've ever seen. If this doesn't smell like a Fed operation, I don't know what does. 

Restoring the honor!


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