Heritage Preservation Association "Flagger" joins Neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville with League of the South...

Yesterday, amongst all the Neo-Nazis and Klansmen attending Jason Kessler's Unite The Right rally, which was marked with the death of an innocent 32 year old woman, was George Randall, wearing the white nationalist League of the South patch proudly on his jacket. George was only down as a "Maybe" for the rally, but his wife Donna and brother Gregory were both down as "Going" before the Unite The Right event page disappeared.

Here are some more screens of George marching with the LOSers yesterday.

Did you notice that George is also carrying the LOSer flag? Here's George with his normal outfit in Danville, Virginia, the Heritage Preservation Association

Maybe you remember that George and Corey Stewart are apparently buds. Yup. You can see bunch of photos of the Randall brothers at one of Corey Stewart's rallies in Richmond, Virginia, earlier this year here. Here's what Corey Stewart said about Charlottesville earlier. Gotta pander to that base, right Corey? Here's a nice photo of Corey with the Randall brothers: 

But here are my favorite photos of George with Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers.

Susan seems pretty worked up over the events in Charlottesville. Just for the wrong reasons apparently.

Keep smiling and laughing it up while you can Susan, because this mess is all coming to Richmond next. We'll see how much "heritage defense" you do then. In the meantime, I've reached out to the Heritage Preservation Association for comment.

We've received a response.

Restoring the honor!


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