Did Jason Kessler Heckler's Veto himself?

Folks, the Alt-Right is throwing a term around that a lot of people might not be familiar with, a Heckler's Veto. It more or less, is a legal concept pertaining to the First Amendment which says that an individuals speech cannot be infringed upon due to threats of violence or just overall unpleasantness from their opposition. Basically, just because you might be mad that a Nazi piece of shit can legally spew their vile hate in public, does not mean that the Government can prevent that Nazi piece of shit from spewing their vile hate in public, because of some extreme action you might take to prevent said speech or to create an overall atmosphere of unpleasantness due to your displeasure of the Nazi piece of shit's rights. That's more or less a Heckler's Veto. The speaker can't be held accountable for your actions. It's actually a fair and reasonable concept which not only protects Nazi pieces of shit, but you and I as well. The Alt-Right wants to make the legal case that this concept is exactly what's occurring in Charlottesville. Unfortunately for them, it's not true. It would be more accurate to say, and in my opinion, the city needs to maintain that this is not an issue of the content of the Alt-Right's speech (content neutral) but a serious concern for public safety, because after all, that's exactly what it is. 

Emancipation Park is too small to hold even Jason Kessler's expected turnout. Kessler estimated that 400 people were going to attend the rally, and that's what he put on his permit, then later joked about how they were turning out the precise kind of numbers they always wanted, which is rumored to be in the high hundreds to thousands. More or less, he was dishonest. That's not including any of the counter-protesters, of which there are almost certain to be a larger number. So you know what folks, if anyone Heckler's Vetoed the Unite The Right rally, it was Jason Kessler himself. Legal opinion seems to be really mixed on whether or not the city is in the right, but lets not forget, opinions are like assholes, everybody has got one. In court, you can never truly be sure which way it's going to go until the judge or jury have made their final decision, and I think that applies here as well. The Alt-Right sounds pretty arrogant and sure of themselves. We'll see...

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