Despite media reports, rambling Patriot LARPers say #1Team1Fight "Unity" event still on for Saturday...

Don't worry media, I've got this. Despite media reports from The Daily Progress and Newsplex which said that the #1Team1Fight "Unity" event which was planned for Darden Towe Park on Saturday was cancelled, it looks like the Patriot movement never had any intention of cancelling the event. In a rambling Facebook live video, two Patriot LARPers who go by "Merica Micheal III" and "Sand Mann" are claiming that the #1Team1Fight "Unity" rally is still on for Saturday. They don't give a location for the event, nor any specifics. Multiple Patriot groups have been recording ridiculous Facebook live videos in the last week, and all of them sound like a broken record. Every single one of them ramble on about "muh Constitution" as the reason that it's ok for them to come and protect Nazis. It is beyond obvious that this is a coordinated effort. The Patriots are liars who are most definitely working with the Nazis to come to this event. The Patriot groups add yet another unknown variable to this clusterfuck. They are likely going to come armed, and many of the groups are claiming that they are there to help the police keep the peace, and are also claiming that they will insert themselves somewhere between the Nazis and counter-protesters. I didn't realize that the police needed any help, but I guess they can't handle it? Although these two clowns don't explicitly talk about coming to the actual Unite The Right event, previous communications surrounding the #1Team1Fight "Unity" event did. There is no reason that these people should be anywhere in between any groups. The police should make them stand with the Nazis where they belong. They are only explicitly stating that they are there to police ANTIFA and other opposition groups, and they are playing this game where they supposedly really, really hate the Nazis, but they have to "protect their First Amendment rights" because "muh Constitution". No they don't. That's complete and utter bullshit. The Nazis need to protect their own First Amendment rights. You pieces of garbage come to this event, regardless of what you state, you're there for the Nazis. Remember that.

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