Ball Of Confusion: Jason Kessler now disputing last dispute on open carrying firearms to Unite The Right rally...

First, Caerulus Rex said that open carry was a no-no. Then, Brad Griffin said that not everyone would get the message, so there would probably be people open carrying. 

Now, Jason Kessler has reversed course once again, and is saying that he doesn't want anyone open carrying. I know. I can't keep up either. 

What a mess. 

Kessler just said in a Facebook live video, that they aren't going to deny entry if you are open carrying, unless you have like an AK-47 type assault rifle, that's a no-go. He said they prefer that the Alt-Right conceal carry. 

He also said he doesn't think people should bring knives, especially any knives larger than an iPhone 7, or tasers. Here, this will clear it all up...

Did you get all that? Got it? Ok. Great! So, to recap, masks are perfectly legal. Please make sure you bring a mask. ONLY open carry. Conceal carry is not legal. Wear a vest to keep from getting a felony charge, and if you want to get out of an assault charge, just claim First Amendment rights. I think that's pretty much it. Oh yeah, and they're calling for rain, so don't bother coming. They're going to schedule a rain date, I think. Details to come.

Ball of Confusion - Love And Rockets

Restoring the honor!


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