Citizen Review Board: What happened to the barricades at Market and 4th?

One of the nagging questions about the August 12th Unite The Right rally is related to the events leading up to the death of Heather Heyer and the scores of injuries suffered by peaceful counter-protesters from the alleged terrorist attack by James Lee Fields, Jr..

The City of Charlottesville released a string of road closures along with a detailed map to the public prior to the event.

The map above provided by the City of Charlottesville to the public indicates road closures at the intersection of 4th and Market Streets. Many are asking how it was possible for James Lee Fields, Jr. to drive his Dodge Challenger down 4th Street, slamming into a crowd of counter-protesters if there were barricades in place. We found the following image in a You Tube video alleged to have been captured before the beating of Deandre Harris in the Market Street Parking Garage. Notice the barricade in the cross walk. This is at the South side of the intersection of Market Street and 4th Street. 

For comparison, here is an image of the same intersection taken from Google Maps.

Also seen in the same video that the screen capture above was taken from, you can see a police cruiser on the left side of the intersection. In the middle of the first screen capture, appears to be a Police officer in a yellow vest standing in the middle of the road.

Keep in mind, this was before the beating of Deandre Harris which took place at approximately 5 minutes after 12 pm. According to reporting by Cville Weekly, the car attack took place at around 1:40 pm, almost 2 hours later.

Was the barricade moved? Based on the photo above, the barricade could have easily have been moved. But by whom, and for what purpose? Here are a slew of photographs I have located which shows that there were barricades and a CPD squad car in place at the intersection of Market and 4th earlier in the day. You may have to enlarge some these photos to see the barricades in more detail.

Here is a screen capture from a You Tube video which shows a CPD Police Officer in the middle of the road monitoring the situation. Again, keep in mind that this is earlier in the day. Citizens of Charlottesville, help us identify this Officer if you can. We aren't alleging that he has done anything wrong, but knowing this Officer's identity could go a long way in uncovering the story of the barricades on August 12th. The City of Charlottesville is not likely to divulge this information to the public. 

I cannot make out the tag number on the Police cruiser. There have to be higher quality photographs floating around out there. Please help us locate them. We are having a difficult time finding any photographs or video taken in this area after the beating of Deandre Harris at the Market Street Parking Garage. We have seen images which show an MRAP in front of the Market Street Parking Garage shortly after the brutal assault. 

Finally folks, we have this photo, again a screenshot from a You Tube video of the actual attack. This is looking up 4th Street towards Market. Due to the fuzzy quality and distance away, it's hard to see what was in place at Market Street. 

Dean Seal of the Daily Progress tweeted this out shortly after the attack. I tried to reach him by email to clarify his comments, but he hasn't responded.

If you have any photographs, video, or information about the barricades, the location of police officers and vehicles around the time of the attack, or any other information that may help us piece together the events surrounding this attack on peaceful counter-protesters, please email us at . 

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