Citizen Review Board: Don't forget, Jason Kessler did not need a permit...

Yesterday, we asked the question, "What were Jason Kessler's goon squad doing in Emancipation Park before 12 pm?" Of course, as we established before, the dirty little secret is that Jason did not need a permit to gather in Emancipation Park on August 12th. You have to start with the understanding that the type of event Jason was having was a Constitutionally protected free speech demonstration. For that type of event, you technically do not need a permit, that is unless there are certain things that you want in addition to having the rally in the first place. Now folks, I'm no mind reader, but I'm guessing that what Jason and his goon squad wanted was exclusive access to the Park. Let's check his lawsuit and see.

Would you look at that? They wanted protections. It wasn't that they wanted to be able to be in the Park on August 12th, it's that they wanted to keep everyone else away. The only thing that the permit does is make the job of the police even harder because they now have an obligation to keep counter-protesters away from the space, but only for the duration of the permit. Jason Kessler and the Alt-Right did not simply want to hold a demonstration, they wanted police to be required to control their opposition. It has been widely reported that Jason's permit was valid from 12 pm until 5 pm. I have not seen an actual copy of the permit, but Eli Mosley told me that the permit was valid from either 10 am until 3 pm, or 10 am until 5 pm. I'm not really sure why one of the organizers of the event isn't sure what time range the permit was valid from/to, but he did actually give me two different times. 

So much of this depends on what was actually granted via the permit, and what Kessler and company negotiated with police. Neither Kessler, nor the police have been willing to say publicly what was negotiated, nor have they been willing to produce the much bandied about "security plan". This security plan really is the big key here. The police are claiming that they can't release the security plan because it would give away tactics which could be used in future situations. I think that's pretty ridiculous. Anyone with two eyeballs can see that you don't want to do what you just did again, so releasing the security plan isn't endangering any tactics or strategies. The police should be transparent and release the security plan.

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