"Based Southern Belle" has a BIG case of Based Southern Butthurt, posts hysterical video claiming Unite The Right permit was issued then revoked when it wasn't...

The Alt-Right is insane. Exhibit A. "Based Southern Belle" is not only claiming that the Unite The Right rally organizers were already issued a permit, but that it was revoked.

"Based Southern Belle" and Augustus Invictus.

No permit was revoked today. An offer was made for Jason Kessler to be issued an approved permit on the condition that the rally be moved to McIntire Park. Kessler insisted that he did not want to move the rally. The city is within it's legal rights to now deny the permit (in writing) if Kessler doesn't change his mind and accept the generous offer that the city made as a good faith compromise. Kessler maintains that permit or no permit, the Alt-Right rally will go forward in tiny Emancipation Park on Saturday. 

A short while ago, Kessler tweeted that the police have already told them that they will "maintain their demonstration", whatever that's supposed to mean. Folks, to my knowledge, no permit has ever been issued. Several people in the Alt-Right are now making claims that a permit was issued and received, but thus far, no one has seen one. If they have received a permit from the city, then lets see it already, and if not, then stop making yourselves look like total fools by claiming you have one.

Restoring the honor!


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