Author of white nationalist blog shared by Virginia Flaggers apparently arrested at Unite The Right rally...

The Southern Poverty Law Center is reporting the details of Jim O'Brien's arrest at the Unite The Right rally. O'Brien is the author of a blog post shared by the Virginia Flaggers recently on social media. We highlighted the post here. It appears that O'Brien's Facebook page has gone missing.

O'Brien appears to be the proprietor of the blog Bacon, Books & Bullets.

"Yesterday Virginia State Police announced the arrest of three suspects in connection with Jason Kessler’s Unite the Right (UTR) rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Among them was James M. O’Brien of Gainesville, Florida. O’Brien was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed handgun.
O’Brien’s arrest roughly coincided with a rush on a Charlottesville parking garage by local SWAT units after members of the Neo-Confederate Florida League of the South (FL LOS) were filmed viciously beating a black man, who attempted to run away, fell, and was savaged once again. Also visible in the video was at least one man carrying a shield with a Vanguard America logo, much like the one carried by James Alex Fields, who allegedly drove his car through a group of counter protestors killing one."

The article goes on to add:

"Social media seems to indicate that the same James M. O’Brien is a member of the FL LOS, a militantly racist organization intent on seizing federal equipment from the Florida national guard in its desire to see the states of the Confederacy secede and form a white ethno-state.
A Facebook profile under the name of Jim O’Brien, from Gainesville, Florida matches available records for O’Brien and lists the following occupations: Former Management at U.S. Department of Defense (DoD); Past, Artemis Global Inc. and Tamerlane Global Service, and ties to William and Mary University, Virginia Beach, and Leesburg, Virginia. O’Brien also lists himself as a United States Marine Corps Veteran."

I would note that the Virginia Flaggers have not denounced the Unite The Right rally, or the League of the South, a white nationalist hate group who was present at their Lexington, Virginia event earlier this year.

Restoring the honor! 


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