Alt-Right threatens to "integrate" Brazos Tacos on August 11th...

Folks, I explained this once before. The Nazis have honed in on civil rights as their best option for pushing their hate into the mainstream. They want to paint themselves as oppressed and discriminated against, force fights into the courts, and use legal judgements as battering rams against opposition to their hateful beliefs. On August 11th, they are now claiming they are going to "integrate" Brazos Tacos in Charlottesville. This is more, or less a threat. They are trying to force businesss like Brazos Tacos to either close on the 11th and not have to deal with their harassment, or stay open, and have to deal with their harassment which will likely include legal action for supposed discrimination. Folks, they are hoping to capture photo ops of them doing the equivalent to a civil right sit-in. That's all this is. 

If they are denied service, they are going to liken it to the way blacks were once denied service. The only problem is, they aren't going to be denied due to any protected class, they would likely be denied due to the constant threat of violence, racial strife, and circus-like atmosphere that follows them everywhere they go. The Alt-Right is a mostly white movement, and by that I mean white supremacists. Whites are not a minority. These clowns are having a premature hissyfit about being a minority when they aren't one. Can you imagine the crying fits they are going to have when they actually are? The ironic thing here, is that they are trying to convince the public of how terrible it feels to be discriminated against when historically, they have been the ones doing all of the discrimination, and they didn't give two fucks about it. Fuck you Nazis! Go away. 

Restoring the honor!


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