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LOSer Christopher Rey Monzon aka "Chris Cedeno" charged with inciting a riot over Confederate street name change butthurt...

That's Cuban-American white nationalist Chris Cedeno, real name Christopher Rey Monzon. He's gotten himself into a little spot of trouble. Following his participation in the murderous Unite The Right Nazi rally, he's now created a Confederate heritage ruckus in Hollywood, Florida. More via The Miami Herald:

"A lone man holding a large Confederate flag was hauled away in handcuffs Wednesday near Hollywood City Hall after he charged — flag first — at demonstrators urging commissioners to rename three local streets, including one honoring a founder of the Ku Klux Klan.Moments earlier, the man, whom police identified as 22-year-old Christopher Rey Monzon of Hialeah, had engaged in a screaming match against some of the protesters.“The white man made this country!” he said. “You’re lucky to be here. Florida is my home, and I will defend it.”At first, he had stood silently by, giving media interviews as protesters holding ”Take Them Down” signs quietly stared at him. A scrum…

Virginia Flaggers to meet opposition at Stafford County Board of Supervisors meeting in September?

I can't confirm, but it looks like the Flaggers are going to have some company on September 5th. Folks, I told you that the jig is up. The Flaggers bobbleheads are about to see what a sham they are.

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Citizen Review Board: On August 3rd I sent a FOIA request for emails about the Unite The Right rally, today is the 29th, and I'm still waiting...

Folks, today is August 29, 2017. By my count, it has been 17 days since I emailed the Charlottesville Director of Communications Miriam Dickler a FOIA request for all email communication from/to Jason Kessler and a slew of city officials. The city sought to clarify my request, and also invoked legalese which gave them an additional 7 days to process my request for responsive documents.

It's not surprising that I haven't received any responsive documents yet, from what I hear, they're a little backed up...

According to a search at Muckrock, FOIA requests for Unite The Right are pretty popular these days.

Folks, we don't need to wait for them to tell us what their "independent investigation" finds. We can, and should investigate this disaster on our own. If you'd like to file a FOIA request for responsive documents from the Charlottesville officials, you can do so by following the directions found here.

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I guess Richard Preston didn't study up on his gun laws enough...

By now you've probably all heard about Ku Klux Klansman Richard Preston's arrest for discharging his pistol at the Unite The Right rally. What most people don't realize is that Preston isn't in trouble for firing at a man using a makeshift blowtorch, he's in deep doo-doo for discharging his weapon within 1,000 feet of a school, a class 4 felony in Virginia. 

Oops! I guess ol' Dick didn't study up on his gun laws before getting all froggy.

But wait! There's more! New video has been posted of Preston pulling his gun earlier in the day. Folks, this could have easily gone sideways. I'm glad it didn't. If there's any justice in this world, this piece of garbage will end up doing hard time.

Folks, this is the entire reason why so many people did not want this violent white supremacist rally to happen, because they care about public safety and human life. They knew that the Nazi trash was going to bring violence with them. Hey folks, do you know w…

Citizen Review Board: What happened to the barricades at Market and 4th?

One of the nagging questions about the August 12th Unite The Right rally is related to the events leading up to the death of Heather Heyer and the scores of injuries suffered by peaceful counter-protesters from the alleged terrorist attack by James Lee Fields, Jr..

The City of Charlottesville released a string of road closures along with a detailed map to the public prior to the event.

The map above provided by the City of Charlottesville to the public indicates road closures at the intersection of 4th and Market Streets. Many are asking how it was possible for James Lee Fields, Jr. to drive his Dodge Challenger down 4th Street, slamming into a crowd of counter-protesters if there were barricades in place. We found the following image in a You Tube video alleged to have been captured before the beating of Deandre Harris in the Market Street Parking Garage. Notice the barricade in the cross walk. This is at the South side of the intersection of Market Street and 4th Street. 

For compa…

Citizen Review Board: Don't forget, Jason Kessler did not need a permit...

Yesterday, we asked the question, "What were Jason Kessler's goon squad doing in Emancipation Park before 12 pm?"Of course, as we established before, the dirty little secret is that Jason did not need a permit to gather in Emancipation Park on August 12th. You have to start with the understanding that the type of event Jason was having was a Constitutionally protected free speech demonstration. For that type of event, you technically do not need a permit, that is unless there are certain things that you want in addition to having the rally in the first place. Now folks, I'm no mind reader, but I'm guessing that what Jason and his goon squad wanted was exclusive access to the Park. Let's check his lawsuit and see.

Would you look at that? They wanted protections. It wasn't that they wanted to be able to be in the Park on August 12th, it's that they wanted to keep everyone else away. The only thing that the permit does is make the job of the police even…

Susan Hathaway helps prepare crews for Robert E. Lee Monument removal with handy advice...

Thanks for the tip Susan! We will make sure they come prepared for the big removal. Susan Hathaway is giving her followers an exclusive look at the Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond before it comes down. Oh yes, that's right, Bobby's going in mothballs. The Flaggers are going to sit by and watch while we pack him and white supremacy away. All of your bobbleheads are going to see what a big con y'all have been running all these years in the near future.

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Unicorn Riot leaks could be used as evidence in civil lawsuits against Unite The Right organizers...

Eli Mosley, the new leader of Identity Evropa, and one of the main organizers of the disastrous Unite The Right rally tells Wired magazine in an interview that the Unicorn Riot leaks appear authentic to him, and he should know, because he is one of the main voices discussing pre-rally preparations in leaked audio from a secret Discord server.

The article by Wired goes on to add that attorneys may find the Unicorn Riot leaks especially helpful in the civil lawsuits that will be filed against the Alt-Right. 

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Citizen Review Board: What were Jason Kessler's goon squad doing in Emancipation Park before 12pm?

Folks, that's a copy of Jason Kessler's permit application for the Unite The Right rally. Note that Kessler requested a start time of 12 pm, and stated that the event would be over by 5 pm the same day.  So why is Washington Post reporting that Kessler and his goon squad were starting to mass in Emancipation Park at 8:30 am?   

I think there may have been a handful of the Goonies there that early, but the first real wave of Nazi trash marched towards the park at around 9:23 am, as evidenced by this video taken of them and a screenshot showing the time and date stamp.

But wait, Cville Weekly says the Nazis started showing up at 9:23 am as well, oh my...

A text message purported to be between Police and the Unite The Right organizers, which was posted by Jason Kessler on Facebook claims that water and electricity, that wasn't requested on the permit application above, would be "unlocked and on" at 7 am for a the 12 pm scheduled rally. 


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The Softball Game: Washington Post writes ridiculous article claiming officials had no idea militia was coming to Unite The Right...

If the media, Government officials and Unite The Right organizers think that they are going to sweep this under the rug and no one is going to notice, they've got another thing coming to them. The Washington Post has published an absolutely ridiculous article filled with errors about the failed police response to a rally that the entire world expected to descend into chaos before it happened. This is why we are already doing our own investigation into what happened on August 12th. We aren't going to take your word for it. As I said before, you who created this disaster will be held accountable. No amount of disinformation is going to make this go away. The WaPo article claims that the participation of militia members was "unanticipated", a total lie.

How do I know that's a total lie? Because I wrote a blog post about it on July 31, 2017, and contacted city officials, including the Chief of Police Al Thomas about it on August 1, 2017 by email. 

We did not just fa…

Heritage Preservation Association flagger spotted with David Duke at Unite The Right rally...

That's our buddy George Randall with David Duke at the Unite The Right rally a few weeks ago. George has some other friends we know pretty well too. The "Confederate heritage" movement is nothing more than a branch of the white nationalist tree. It exists to give legitimacy to white supremacy. I wrote to the Heritage Preservation Association a while back about George. Here's their response. 

So I guess that's a no then? White Nationalism, apparently ok with Robert Wayne Byrd, Sr. and the Heritage Preservation Association. Got it. Byrd doesn't really need to confirm if a white nationalist is a member of his "heritage" group, because we already know that he is. 

Just like we already know that his wife Donna, who is also a white nationalist, is their secretary.

Looks like Donna and George have recently hidden or deleted all activity on their Facebook pages. What's wrong y'all?

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