Virginia Flagger supporter set to attend white nationalist Unite The Right rally...

The hillbilly in the Confederate flag bandana, in between Jason Kessler and Derrick Davis of the Traditionalist Worker Party is Justin Hall of Moneta, Virginia, at Corey Stewart's anti-immigrant rally this past March.

That's Justin with his trusty rifle, because, well, everyone needs a rifle at a political rally. After Justin left Corey Stewart's hate rally, he had one more very special stop. The Boulevard.

See, I told you it was special. Let's check back in with Justin and see how he's doing these days.

Oh, fun. Looks like Justin is organizing a little convoy to the white nationalist rally next month being disguised as a "Confederate heritage" event. I'm sure that's going to make the "heritage defenders" really mad. I would imagine they are going to forcefully denounce this unauthorized hijacking of their "heritage".

Well now. Would you look at that? I guess that's how Jason knew that Virginia Flaggers were coming to be indoctrinated into the white nationalist movement next month. You remember that movement, don't you? It's the same one responsible for really nice folks like Dylann Roof and Jeremy Christian. Real swell guys. And Justin has the right idea about the rally. It's going to be a real "brawl".

Oh shucks. Counter signaling The Kessler? He's not going to be happy about that. 

Restoring the honor!



  2. I like the sporadic disgust for consonants...


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