Unite The Right: Meet Garon Archer...

That's Garon Archer with Matthew Heimbach, Heimbach being one of the speakers at the upcoming Unite The Right rally. The photo above was taken at a meeting of Confederate 28, which is a branch of the worldwide Neo-Nazi organization Blood & Honor. Don't you just love what they've done with the "sacred Confederate flag"? They Nazi-fied it. I'm surprised our "heritage" friends aren't having conniption fits over it like they do when I tell you about it. Well, you know, I'm the bad guy. Ok, fine, I guess I'm the bad guy for opposing racism. I'm ok with that.

And that's a photo of Garon Archer on the frontline in New Orleans a few months ago with the League of the South. Although you can't hear what he's screaming in this photo, I will tell you that he was repeatedly screaming "NIGGER!" Nice guy, right? Here, how about a video of Garon screaming "NIGGER!"? Skip to the 3 minute mark for Mr. Archer's epic meltdown. I guess he just couldn't control himself?

Turns out that Garon says that he's coming to Jason Kessler's peaceful free speech rally in Charlottesville, Virginia next month. He will be a fine addition to the long list of Nazis, Klansmen, white nationalists, and assorted Confederate heritage defenders that are likely to show up.

I wonder if Jason's going to have a heart to heart with Garon before August 12th? 

Folks, maybe it's just me? But, what does Garon need a shield for? Is that for all of those peaceful rallies the Alt-Right goes to? Not very good optics there Jason. 

Restoring the honor!


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