The truth about "Unite The Right"...

Folks, I do not know this person, but I have to say that I agree with everything said here. I think it's spot on. I think that this is what August 12th is going to be. 

If you are one of those "normie" Confederate heritage folks, or just your average old right-winger that's thinking about going to this event because of "muh free speech", let me give you some friendly advice, stay home. It's not worth it. Your pictures are going to be everywhere. You are not going to hide. The entire world will know what it is you support. No one is going to hear anything these creeps are coming to say anyway. If you feel like the Alt-Right narrative is starting to sway you into the "oh fuck it" camp, and you just don't care anymore, just remember that you will not escape being documented. There are going to be cameras everywhere I predict. You've been warned. Come if you like.

Restoring the honor!


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