The Softball Game: Solidarity Cville mirrors calls from this blog for Virginia news media to do it's jobs...

An article published Thursday at Solidarity Cville is echoing calls from this blog for the Virginia news media to stop publishing fluff and spoofed propaganda, and instead, start doing real investigative journalism. Is it any wonder that the #FakeNews meme has spread so rapidly? Y'all do realize that the public doesn't need you anymore, don't you? I mean, they do, but they do not need the pablum that you try to pass off as journalism. From the article:

"Local media have time and (time) again permitted Kessler to self-identify as “activist blogger,” which only serves to legitimize his extremist views and thus provide cover for white nationalist encouragement of unlawful and often lethal attacks on structurally marginalized groups. Democracy relies on a fourth-estate that is robust, fearless, and willing to tell the whole truth even, and especially, when it is not balanced. As accurately stated by the ADL, Kessler has consistently promoted white supremacist and white nationalist viewpoints in the media and at rallies; he is no more a “local blogger” than Richard Spencer is merely a “UVA graduate.” Any reporting that fails to acknowledge the white nationalism and hate Kessler represents and espouses normalizes these extremist ideas."

How ridiculous has the media become when they are scared to call white nationalists, "white nationalists", because of empty threats from a two-bit hack and all around creep? Hey, Virginia propagandists, errrr, I mean, journalists, here's a pro-tip. Jason literally wrote an article calling his buddies "white nationalists" for the Daily Caller, before he sent you an email telling you to stop calling his friends "white nationalists". 

Is this not the pinnacle of journalistic irony? While y'all are mulling that over, you may want to read this as well.

Restoring the honor!


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