The Big Tent: Brad Griffin comes out of a two year Stormfront hiatus to respond to Billy Roper...

Folks, Brad Griffin, the founder of Occidental Dissent, has recently pumped some new life into his long dormant Stormfront account. His last post to the account before his new flurry of activity was in May of 2015, so that right there tells you how important this must be. 

Griffin is desperately running around trying to run block on the wave of criticism of the Unite The Right rally (specifically the backgrounds of many of the announced speakers) set to go down on August 12th in Charlottesville, Virginia. The racists see this event as "the big one". The one event to truly show what a big force they've become, and how far they've come in such a short time. But this frantic effort to combat true criticisms of the BIG TENT event makes them look just as laughable and pathetic as ever. Griffin is running around the white nationalist movement putting out fires as they arise in an effort to keep the event from unraveling, and nose-diving into a death spiral. Long time white nationalist Billy Roper seems to be leading the charge against the Unite The Right rally. Griffin apparently sees Roper as the number one threat to the event, so much that he has recorded not one, but two podcasts trashing Roper in the last few days. The two have also been engaged in a public feud on Stormfront for at least a few days. The whole thing is pretty amusing. The fact of the matter is, that white nationalism is spiraling into becoming the Left. They are now including people who never would have been given the time of day a few short years ago. These include:

Jason Kessler, the leader of the "Pro-White" event, who says that he had a black roommate of 8 years, so surely he can't be an "evil white supremacist", can he? We already know that he's not, because he made sure to email every single reporter within 100 miles of Charlottesville, and threaten them with legal action if they called him mean names. (Translation: Kessler "cucked")

Augustus Invictus, a Libertarian, who drank goat blood.

Derrick Davis, a leader in the Traditionalist Worker Party, who has no problem wearing make-up and a dress.

And even Matthew Heimbach, who had a jewish girlfriend before he decided to stand under burning swastikas. Figure that one out? Sounds kinda Federal informant-y to me...

Now folks, I am not pointing this stuff out because it matters to me, because it doesn't. I am not shaming these people. No one on the Left gives two shits if Derrick Davis want to explore his feminine side. Go for it dude. But what does this say about white nationalism? It says they are desperate. This is what desperate people do. They cave on their beliefs and values. How can anyone in the white nationalist movement take them seriously when they are willing to throw out even their most basic beliefs in the name of increasing numbers for one pathetic rally? Let me give you a clue. These people don't really have any strong held beliefs or convictions. They will bend the rules to allow anyone who won't criticize what they are doing. That's the new game. Griffin ended a nasty public feud with the American Warrior Revolution just a few short weeks ago after the "Patriots" changed their mind, and decided that they no longer wanted to destroy the League of the South after Brad went and blew their leaders ego a little. This is the sad state of white nationalism in 2017. The only thing left for them to do now, is to announce that Milo will be holding a Twinks For Trump event the night before. 

Don't laugh, it could happen...

Prior to the Trump era, this sort of big tent approach to white nationalism would have been unheard of, and if Billy Roper is right, those who are advocating for this type of approach will ultimately be responsible for leading to yet another flaming downfall, and the blame will lay squarely at their feet. In the end, this Unite The Right rally is just turning into yet another punchline in the long running joke that is white nationalism. My advice, make more popcorn.

Restoring the honor!


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