Scumbag Kyle Bristow and his Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas send scare letter regarding Unite The Right rally to Charlottesville government...

If you're wondering why the Charlottesville city government seems so adamant that the Unite The Right rally will go on despite questions about Kessler's permit application, liability insurance, and public safety, look no further than the letter above, sent by total scumbag, and Michigan attorney Kyle Bristow

Richard Spencer and Kyle Bristow

The city knows that they are likely to face a legal challenge for cancelling, or altering plans in any way regarding the Unite The Right rally, even though there are Standard Operating Procedures which spell out requirements which must be met for a public event. This is their (Unite The Right rally organizers) new strategy, hide behind civil rights and use the law to get what they want. The letter above was also, in my view, an attempt to pressure the police to be more forceful in their handling of the opposition to the Unite The Right rally on August 12th. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. Looks like a win for the 1st Amendment. Regardless of how despicable their speech may be they have a right to be protected just as anyone from the far left does. As far as public safety goes thats why we have police forces.

  2. Bristoe's signature is very juvenile...



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