Pray for peace today for Charlottesville...

Today is the day, Charlottesville, Virginia stands up to the Ku Klux Klan. It is naive to think that this problem is going to go away by ignoring it. It isn't. I don't agree with those who would advise the public not to stand up to these KKKlowns. At the same time, I am of the belief that standing up to them, involves having loud voices, not backing down, but maintaining peace unless attacked, in which case anyone would have a natural right to defend themselves. I wish Charlottesville, Virginia all the luck in the world today, and ask that you all pray for peace. These racists have figured out that the only way the public is ever going to listen to what they have to say, is if they ditch the imagery they've come to be associated with, and paint a new narrative in which they are the victim. To some degree, that strategy has been working, but make no mistake, no matter how much they shine this turd, it's all still white supremacy and hate, and they must be stopped. There is a wide spectrum of thought about how to stop them. One thing is for sure, if you do nothing, they grow. Sleeping on this problem IS NOT going to make it go away. In fact, that is exactly what is contributing to these hate groups explosive rise. The news media ignored this threat for many, many years. Now, they are trying to play catch up, only, they aren't prepared for how to deal with this threat. Tiptoeing around this garbage and calling them the names that they demand you call them is not helping. Regardless of your ethical requirement to remain impartial, hate is hate, and using kit gloves on these creeps just isn't going to get it anymore. I'm pretty confident that today is going to be a peaceful, yet forceful message to the Klan, but also to the white nationalists who have made Charlottesville their new pet project, that we don't want you pieces of garbage in our communities, so get lost! On a final note, I wanted to take just a moment to point out that despite these racists attempts to glom on to all things Confederate, we haven't heard a single peep out of the "Confederate Heritage" community. Why is that? Aren't these the same people that are frequently claiming to be defending their sacred "Heritage", and also that hate groups are "hijacking" it? The answer my friends, is because they are all part of the same movement, whether they are willing to admit it or not. Take for instance, this alleged "fraudulent" email posted to Twitter by Jason Kessler yesterday. Although we can't see the full email address in the screenshot of the email posted by Jason, whoever wrote the email references "the Flaggers", and the email address begins with "info". Coincidentally, the Virginia Flaggers email address is Hmmmm...

Isn't that special? So how did the email make it to Jason Kessler? Who sent it to him? C'mon folks, it's not that hard. There is no separation between "Confederate Heritage" and haters. These groups all communicate behind the scenes. They are all on the same team, with one big difference. "Heritage" groups love to hang people like Kessler out to dry, to take the brunt of the public criticism for being "racists", while they play behind the scene, and escape all of the same criticism for believing all of the same shit. The "Heritage" folks are laying low while the white nationalists are taking over their movement, that way, if shit goes South (and it will) they can point the finger and say, "It wasn't us, it was the evil racists." That's how it works. Jason Kessler and the Unite The Right rally, are nothing more than "Confederate Heritage" fall guys. In the end, what Jason and the rest of the white nationalists need to do, is expose their communication with these "Confederate Heritage" groups, that is happening out of the view of the public, to force them to either "cuck", or go all in on white nationalism. Listen Jason, they aren't going to openly support you guys unless you force their hand, and the way to do that, is to show everyone what's really happening out of view. They will then be forced to take a position for, or against the white nationalist takeover of all things Confederate. They are already tacitly supporting it by remaining silent, but this would put them on the record. It needs to happen. Why should you guys come out smelling like a turd, and these Cuckfederates come out smelling like a rose while you do all of the dirty work? What ever happened to Mike Hill's toothless threat to destroy the Rainbows? I think that old man is getting senile, either that, or the "Alt-South" is just ALL TALK.

Restoring the honor!


  1. The Klan seems to forget that whites also won the war...with a little help from 186,000 black soldiers.


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