My thoughts on the Daily Progress article about the Unite The Right rally...

The Daily Progress has published a pretty revealing and fair article tonight about the upcoming Unite The Right rally. I have been pretty hard on the Virginia news media over their coverage of this topic. I won't apologize for that. This article takes jabs at both the Right and the Left. Constructive criticism is never a bad thing. The article quotes me briefly. I wanted to take just a moment to expand on some of my thoughts, as most people have no idea who I am, or what this blog is about. 

"In a tweet to an anonymous Twitter account that has attempted to expose many of the extreme neo-Nazi and white supremacist ties to Kessler’s upcoming rally, one of Kessler’s colleagues, Hannah Zarski, said, “Jason’s thing isn’t an ethno-state.”"

I'd like to know exactly what "Jason's thing" is. Why is he bringing the people that he is to Charlottesville? Why are they using the fight over Confederate monuments to bring speakers to Charlottesville who want to return our country to racial segregation? They see opportunity, plain and simple. This is an opening for them in the absence of any other pushback to swoop in and become "the face of the resistance", which places them in a great spot to spread their white nationalist message to "normies", that is, average people who are not already converted to white nationalist beliefs. They want to leverage anger to reach people who are not currently receptive to their message.

"Kessler has denied being a white nationalist, but his claims that there is a “white genocide” under the guise of multiculturalism and refugee resettlement from Muslim-majority countries has made it difficult for him to evade that label."

Jason Kessler can certainly self identify as anything he wishes, but his words and actions prove what he is, and what he believes. There is no "white genocide" happening. They are referring to a pattern of changing demographics. Since the beginning of time, demographics have always been changing. Someone is always going to be the majority, and someone is always going to be the minority. The truth is, whites have been the majority for a very long time, and the pushback from the white nationalists is their attempt not to lose control. "White genocide" is a made up term used to demonize a growing minority that they fear will one day become the majority. They fear having to ever live under the conditions they have imposed on others. It amounts to a temper tantrum.

"Anonymous Twitter user @Don_Chump, who goes by the nom de guerre Robert Lee and runs the blog, has been critical of Kessler associating with explicitly racist and white nationalist groups."

I certainly have, and I will continue to be critical of Jason's associations.

"He said Kessler cannot say he is not a bigot while promoting groups whose leaders are attempting to “make their views palatable” to the public while their supporters openly espouse racist rhetoric and use Nazi imagery, such as the swastika and the “Sieg Heil” salute."

Well, it would be more accurate to say that Jason can say whatever he pleases. He has a right to claim to be whatever he desires. If he wants to be an elephant, he can be an elephant. This point touches on one of the main themes of the Alt-Right, which is to hide the traditional robes and swastikas, and move to a new, more palatable image of guys with sharp haircuts in polos and khakis. Honestly, it does make them appear more benign to the public, however, it is all a facade to mask what they really are.

"Alluding to the vitriolic and aggressive reactions to Kessler and those groups, “Lee” said anti-fascists and anti-racists need to realize they’re waging a “public relations war.”"

I don't think that's exactly what I meant. What I meant, is that the Alt-Right sees this as a public relations war, which is the reason why they are abandoning the robes and swastikas. They are never going to convince the public to listen to their message if they are turned off from Jump Street, hence the new and improved image. That's step one. The Left should also be aware that there is public relations war going on, which cuts both ways. Not only are the white nationalists doing everything they can to put lipstick on a pig, at the same time, they're working just as hard to paint their opposition in a negative light, even going as far as creating fake Facebook pages, You Tube accounts, and more recently, phony rallies. The Alt-Right has made manipulation of public opinion a priority. Something to keep in mind, is that the public tends to tune out any message from those they are angry at, and a big push for the Alt-Right is generating anger from the public, directed at their opposition.

"Lee said the left-wing activists are “bringing a gun to a knife fight, while the other side is using civil rights as a shield.”"

Let me clarify what I mean by this. The Alt-Right has been studying the successes of the Left for a very long time. They've been doing a lot of introspection, trying to figure out where they have been going wrong all of these years. What I am saying is that they have adapted their tactics and strategies. While the Alt-Right has been adapting, the Left (in my opinion, and who am I? Nobody really) hasn't. The main war is happening online. The in-the-street activism comes second to the trolling and meme wars the Alt-Right has been waging online. We need to counter-act their online efforts just as much as their boots on the ground efforts, if not more. The Alt-Right has also studied history. They have honed in on Civil Rights as the best vehicle available for them to push their narratives and beliefs into the mainstream. As long as they can frame everything as a "Civil Rights fight", the Left will have a hard time combatting it. This is for instance why they have been trying to force confrontations at all of these rallies around the country, because they can use the media as a weapon against the Left. Once they have demonized the Left, and painted themselves as the victim, they will have carte blanche to push their propaganda openly.

"“It’s a brilliant strategy,” he said about the alt-right. “But their end game is a segregated society.”"

Yes. This is the end game. The end game is a white ethnostate. This is the Alt-Right's dirty little secret. They say that they are going to be fair. Every race is going to have their own ethnostate. It's going to be utopia. You just wait. You're going to love it. You just have to go along with being voluntarily removed, and placed into a new country where everyone else looks just like you. Let me translate that for you. We will be rewinding the clocks and going back to the days of racial segregation. Only, it won't be water fountains that say "colored only", It will be border crossings. Sounds great, am I right?

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