Jason Kessler tells white nationalist radio host that he "absolutely intended" the Unite The Right rally "to be as big as possible and it is turning out to be huge..."

Is it just me, or does it sound like the Alt-Right is being intentionally deceptive about their intentions for Unite The Right in August? Via The Political Cesspool (Skip to 13:58):

James Edwards: “So lets talk about the beginning stages Jason, what led you to determine that you wanted to organize such an event, and did you think it would become as big as it’s apparently becoming?”

Jason Kessler: “I’ll handle the second half of that first. I absolutely intended it to be as big as possible and it is turning out to be huge. We’re on track to get exactly the kind of numbers that we wanted to. We made sure that we got penetration across all our platforms. I did as many podcasts as I possibly could. We made sure it was up on websites like 4chan, on Twitter. We had a lot of great individuals who I haven’t even met yet who have done graphic design of brilliant posters and so forth, for it.” 

I mean, that sounds to me like he always intended it to be a big rally, of many more people than the 400 he listed on his application. Perhaps it's my interpretation? Yeah. I'm sure that's it...

Restoring the honor!


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