Irony Alert: Three Percenter attending Unite The Right rally ironically says that he is the father of an interracial child...

Daniel Highberger, who, as best as I can tell is the leader of the Three Percenter group known as the Sons of Liberty III% SW VA, recorded a Facebook Live video on July 22, 2017, in which he repeatedly urged his viewers to join him in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th, at Jason Kessler's Unite The Right rally to:

"Stand up for our right to assemble, our freedom of speech, and as always, we will be exercising our 2nd Amendment rights." 

Highberger goes on to appear to make repeated calls for physical violence, but making sure to follow them up with disclaimers that he isn't calling for violence. Nice!

“These ANTIFA scumbags out there stabbing horses in the throat with flagpoles and dropping M-80’s into glass bottles and throwing them into crowds of people who have a different Presidential candidate, or support a different Presidential candidate. All this is nonsense. They’re acting like a bunch of entitled, juvenile delinquent jerks. They should’ve had their butts beat a lot more often when they were children. Well, ladies and gentlemen, here’s your opportunity to hand them that butt whoopin’ that their parents should have gave them decades ago.”

Highberger then goes on to add:

“ANTIFA, you’re looking for a fight, and you’re about to find one.”

Among Highberger's most eyebrow raising claims however, was the repeated assertion that he is the father of an interracial child.

“Yes Bob, I sure did. I was 8 years ago, I voted for Obama the first go around, as a father of an interracial child, I thought it was imperative that she see people of color in positions of power, so she grew up knowing that she could accomplish anything.”

Later, Highberger adds:

“Again, I voted for him when I was, lets see… 24? 23. Again, I voted for the black, I voted for our first black President because I am the father of an interracial child, because I wanted her to grow up in a world knowing that the color of her skin would not prevent her from doing anything in life, and it shouldn’t. I don’t see color, I see character, regardless.”

The fact that Highberger claims to be the father of an interracial child is important, because the ethno-nationalist speakers and groups attending the Unite The Right rally, ultimately want to carve out an all-white ethnostate in the United States. Unfortunately for Highberger, skin color and race DOES matter to those he's going to support at Unite The Right. It's unclear if Highberger and his child would be separated from one another once the creation of such an ethnostate was complete, or if the two of them would be moved into a separate interracial ethnostate. Perhaps Highberger might learn where he and his child might go one day on August 12th, when he shows up to support them? Finally, Highberger adds a warning, which could be construed as a promise to officials in Charlottesville:

“We will not go home, until we drive ANTIFA out that park.”

Judging by a comment like that, it sounds like Highberger is encouraging his followers to physically push the opposition out of the park, something I highly recommend that they not attempt to do. And based on some of the comments under the video, controlling his followers might be hard to do on August 12th.

Jason Kessler has repeatedly claimed that this rally will be peaceful, and that there will be no acts of violence or physical altercations from anyone that is part of the rally, even going as far as ejecting one person, who was revealed to have allegedly been making threats online. It's unclear at this time if Kessler intends to have a heart to heart with Highberger before August 12th.

Restoring the honor! 


  1. Snopes has disproved Highberger's claim of ANTIFA dropping M-80's into bottles:

    Highberger cites no evidence. In the comments under the video referenced in this post, someone takes him to task for assertions that horses were stabbed in the neck and makeshift explosives were used. Thus far, he's provided zero evidence, nor has he cited any source as a basis for the claims.


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