Hate group Quartermaster apparently posting propaganda at Virginia Flaggers Facebook page...

That's Derrick Davis. He is the Quartermaster for the Traditionalist Worker Party, which is headed by well known white supremacist Matthew Heimbach. He is also the founder of United Right. Nobody freak out y'all, No big deal. Just another hate group member, that's all.

Derrick is now posting on the Virginia Flaggers Facebook page, I guess. 

Apparently, Jordan Lawhon, and the National Native Action Front have cracked the case of the reported vandalism to the Robert E. Lee Monument in Charlottesville yesterday. No word on what the evidence is. Jason Kessler interviewed Derrick Davis at a rally for Corey Stewart in Richmond, Virginia earlier this year. Both Davis and Lawhon, are associates of Jason Kessler, who has been chased out of the mall area in Charlottesville by anti-racists in recent months. The Virginia Flaggers Facebook moderator either approves of Neo-Nazis like Mr. Davis posting on their page, or they are asleep at the wheel again, as the post has not been scrubbed as of 11:32 am on Sunday, July 9, 2017.

Restoring the honor!


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