Exclusive: Commander of the PA Light Foot Militia, Christian Yingling, says they are gearing up to help maintain order with potential police support at Unite The Right rally...

Note: An earlier version of this post contained information that Christian Yingling disputed. The majority of that was my opinion. I have removed my opinion, and left only a bunch of facts. Yingling sent me what I consider to be a hysterical email this morning, making wild and untrue claims that I am someone I'm not, and threatening to sue me (by way of someone who isn't me) for libel. He also claimed that he would sue the Carroll County Times, an organization I have no connection to in any way. Folks, allow me to sincerely apologize to Mr. Yingling for having an opinion.  I think I hurt his feelings. I thought he wanted to protect my freedom of speech, because he said that he did below, but apparently, he isn't as much of a fan of the First Amendment as he lets on. Hilariously enough, part of the information that Yingling was disputing was a screenshot from one of the militia pages. Apparently, I'm also responsible for what they write as well. I'd like to add an additional disclaimer that the purpose of this blog is to be as accurate as possible. I am a completely reasonable person who is willing to admit and correct a mistake if I have made one, but you will need to be specific, so that I know what it is I need to correct. Despite Mr. Yingling's non-specific claims, I have corrected the only potential issues I was aware of, which honestly, in my opinion were not issues anyway. If Mr. Yingling still has any problem with this post, I'd ask that he please list his specific issues in writing, so I can decide whether I should correct them or not. 

Folks, apparently, the militia is coming to insert itself into an already highly charged atmosphere, between Nazis, police, and counter-protesters. Why? No one's really sure, beyond an insatiable desire to LARP. These clowns ARE NOT NEEDED in Charlottesville on August 12th. This is going to do only harm, and no good, trust me. Christian Yingling, the commander of the PA Light Foot Militia, Laurel Highlands Ghost Company recorded a Facebook live video on July 26th, in which he claimed that not only was the militia coming to the Unite The Right rally, but he insinuated that they may have the support of the police in doing so. I highly doubt that's true. Here's what ding-a-ying-ling had to say in full (Note: This is a rush transcript. Please email any corrections to rblee22468@gmail.com):

“Hey, what’s up Facebook? Back behind the camera again. Like I stated before, I really don’t like doing these things, but when important things come up I don’t mind, I guess I don’t mind gettin’ on here, it’s a lot easier than typing arguments back and forth for three or four days. This particular video is in regards to the Unite The Right rally coming up in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th. For people who don’t know, the Unite The Right rally is being put on under the guise of uniting the Right in this country, but at a much, when one takes a closer look at it, one sees that the list of speakers that they have set up for this thing are predominantly white separatists, racists, just generally nasty people that most good God fearing folk wouldn’t have anything to do with. A friend of mine, GC, George Curbelo, called me and talked to me about it, and asked me if I had planned on going. A few other people had asked me to go, asked me to take some guys down there, kind of do the same thing we do at a lot of these other rallies, which is basically, just kind of go to try to help provide some sense of security for the people that are speaking, as well as the people that are listening. When I was initially asked about this, my off the cuff reaction was absolutely not, I don’t want anything to do with this. A bunch of white supremacists, squaring off against a bunch of people from Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, or whatever opposition groups that they could scare up. On a personal level, I’d really like nothing more than to just see all those groups, just tear each other to pieces, and just be done with the cancer of the whole group them. On a deeper level, after thinking about it, I started to realize that it’s really not that simple. Being in the militia, being in the Patriot movement, whatever, people sing, “I’m going to stand for the Constitution, I’m gonna stand for the Constitution. That’s what I support. I support the Constitution. I support the Constitution.” Do you? Do you really support the Constitution? Because, I’ve been on the phone for the better part of three days now with a bunch of, a bunch of different militia commanders, Patriot groups, what not, and it would appear as though the vast majority of them don’t want to touch this thing. And they don’t want to touch it for the obvious reasons, the spin the media is going to put on us just showing up at something like this. Of course, we’re probably going to be painted as being there to support the white supremacists, or whatever garbage they can work up. But I would put forth, if you’re truly a Patriot, and you are, you truly do believe in the Constitution, and you believe in what it stands for, then you have tossup back, and you have to take a look at it, and you have to realize that “the First Amendment was not put in place for you to be comfortable,” as it was actually stated in a video I just watched by Ted Cruz. The First Amendment was put there so that people could disagree with you, so that they could disagree with you, and feel safe in doing so, and to turn your back on something like this, I think you’re doing the Constitution a great discredit. I have, like I said, my own personal feelings, I have no love for any of the groups who are showing up at this thing, and the thought of being there turns my stomach to a point. But, I think, and I think if you think about it long and hard, you’d realize that if we don’t show up there and give these, and do the same thing that we would do at any rally for people we support, well, then how can you say you support the Constitution? Because, you don’t support the First Amendment just when you support the groups that are talking. We’ve stated time, and time again, and have even stated to members of ANTIFA in the past, that we are not out there to solely protect Trump supporters, to protect free speech advocates. We’re out there to protect everybody. I’ve seen Trump supporters get just as squirrelly as anybody on the Left, and whether we like these people or we don’t, it doesn’t change the fact that they have a right to speak. The right to be heard. So, for all these groups that say they don’t want to touch this, I think it’s one of two things, really. I mean, if you want to cut to the brass tacks and be real about it, I think, one, you’re worried about how you’re going to be painted in the media which, like I said, was obvious, but two, I think, deeper, and a little bit darker is, a rally like this really poses a true threat of violence. We’ve been chasing ANTIFA around, as I said in the last video I did, for a little while now. And at the end of the day, probably ninety percent of the people will tell you that have been to these rallies, been where ANTIFA is, that these people really don’t pose much of a threat. I’ve seen them in large groups and they still, they still, are relatively easy to handle, easy to control. They don’t pose a serious, serious threat of violence as we’ve seen from groups like the KKK, groups like Black Lives Matter, where these people will randomly attack people. I know in Berkeley, ANTIFA got squirrelly there, but I think if you look at the country as a whole, I think you’d realize that they’re not nearly the threat that they claim to be. Not to say that we look at them lightly, we don’t. We take them very seriously. But a rally, such as the one coming up in Charlottesville that’s so politically charged because you have the whole Confederate thing and they want to remove the statue of Lee, and now you’re tying racist undertones into it and something like this is a veritable powder keg, and I would put forth that certain groups may be, on a deeper, more personal level don’t feel that they’re ready to deal with something like that. I would say to that, that where you always try to, you try not to let your enemy pick your battles for you. You try to fight on your terms when you can, how you can, but that’s not always the case. And nobody ever said being in the militia, or being in the Patriot movement was easy, so a lot of people would really, myself included, would really be stepping out of their comfort zones on this one. Not because I’m afraid of confronting any groups on either side, I’m not, but at the same time, there’s going to be a lot of people out there and hopefully a good sized group that’s going to be under me, that I’m going to be responsible for myself, other militia group Commanders that are planning on going. So it’s a concern for us absolutely, but I think it’s time to put up or shut up. Either you support the Constitution, or you don’t. If you support it, then unfortunately you should be out there. You should be out there to make sure that both sides can be heard. The militia’s been taking this stance of neutrality with a lot of these events that we’ve been going to, and this one’s going to be no different, but if we’re going to sing that, then we need to stand on it as well. We can’t just back out and say, “Oh well, Im not doin’ it. I don’t want to deal with the media. I don’t want the media puttin’ a bad spin on us, blah, blah, blah.” This is going to be no different than any other rally we’ve been to. We’re going to try to coordinate with law enforcement. As a matter of fact, we’re in the process of doing that now. Early signs show that they seem somewhat supportive of the idea of us being out there. Of course, there’s more things that need to be dealt with before we actually put boots on the ground. But, early inclinations are that they support us being out there. So, I’ve had some people tell me that if law enforcement would back us being out there, that they would come, so to you people I say, it’s looking that way. I can’t say one hundred percent, but it’s looking that way. To those of you who say you won’t go because you don’t want the media spin, you don’t want to put your people in harms way, whatever the reason is you say you’re not going, I think you need to step back and seriously reevaluate your commitment to this movement, and what it stands for. It’s almost a weeding out of groups who truly stand on what they believe in, versus groups who are, well I shouldn’t say believe in what they stand in, because I’m sure all groups do, but to what level? To what level? Are you going to support the Constitution when it works for you, but not when it works for others? I’d have to call you a hypocrite on that one. Like I said earlier, it’s time to put up, or shut up. If we’re going to do this, and we’re going to, and we are true, true supporters of the Constitution, then your ass needs to be out there. You need to be out there making sure that, not just both sides protesting, or counter-protesting are kept safe, but this event’s garnering a lot of attention. So there’s going to be a lot of non-affiliated type people there. People who aren’t trained in any way, shape and form, and those people need to be kept safe too. I don’t really have a whole lot more to put out on that, but it’s just something that I want people to think about, because like I said, my initial gut reaction was the same as probably ninety percent of the people that I talk to, “I don’t want nothin’ to do with this. I don’t want nothin’ to do with it,” because the media is going to try and paint it like we support white supremacists, and there’s nothing we can do about that. Well,I shouldn’t say there’s nothing we can’t do about that, there’s some things that we’re doing about that, as far as addressing the media ahead of time, during and after. We’re taking certain steps to ensure as best as we can that the proper spin is put on this, at least in relation to the militia. What these speakers, these guys, a lot of these white supremacists, these white separatists, what not, the Black Lives matter people that are, that are counter-protesting, ANTIFA, they’re planning on counter-protesting, umm, I don’t agree with any of them. I don’t agree with any of them. I would put this out in the hopes that they will see this video, and know that, although we are going to be out there, we aren’t going to be out there to protect one group or the other. We are out there to make sure that violence doesn’t happen, or if it does happen, is kept to a bare minimum. So, go take a nice long, hard look in the mirror, and ask yourself what you believe in. If you believe everybody has he right to free speech, or do you just believe that the people you like have the right to free speech? See ya later.”

This is exactly what the authorities in Charlottesville need inserted into the middle of this circus. LARPers potentially with guns. Folks, I am attempting to confirm if this militia group has told city officials that it plans to be at this rally, and if so, if the police are receptive to this very, very bad and unnecessary idea. 

Restoring the honor!


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