Disappearing Act: Daily Progress reports that Patriots have pulled out of Unite The Right related event...

This is a real shame. Via The Daily Progress:

"Another group identifying itself with the Patriot Movement on Thursday cancelled its 1Team1Fight Unity event that was scheduled for Aug. 12 in Darden Towe Park, according to a statement from Albemarle County."

Oh my. How is Chevy Love ever going to come up with the $120,000 she needed for hot dogs to feed all of those hungry Nazis?

Grifters gonna grift...


Newsplex is reporting the reason why the "Patriots" supposedly cancelled.

"The event organizer, who requested anonymity due to the tension around the Aug. 12 events, said the event was canceled after the county told them they would need a $1 million insurance policy and private security."

Restoring the honor!


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