Cucked: Willie Earl Wells says that the Virginia Flaggers have been denouncing racists for years in the wake of SCV statement on Klan rally...

What a relief. And here I thought that the Virginia Flaggers might possibly support these hate groups due to their silence. Following an earlier statement by the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans denouncing the Klan rally in Charlottesville today, I am so happy to report that that Willie Earl Wells of the Army of Northern Virginia Mechanized Cavalry has apparently cleared the air on this topic with a social media post tonight. It seems that, according to Willie, the Virginia Flaggers have been denouncing hate groups for years. I had no idea. I must have missed all of their denouncements all of these years. How did I ever miss them all? Now folks, tomorrow, just to verify if this is true or not, I am going to email the Virginia Flaggers to inquire about Mr. Wells' claim, and copy all 100 or so news reporters in Jason Kessler's earlier email, along with the screenshot above, and ask the Flaggers to verify that this is the case. We need to know whether they denounce the Klan rally that happened today, and whether or not they denounce Jason Kessler's white nationalist rally on August 12th. We can't take Willie's word for it, we need to hear it directly from the Flaggers leadership.

Restoring the honor!


  1. If we ask nice do you think they would post all those denouncements here?

    1. Popcorn!

      Thank you Jason Kessler for gathering all of those email addresses for news reporters and making my job much easier!


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