Confederate heritage narrative slowly shifting into full blown white nationalism...

I don't even understand why we are playing this game. The Confederate heritage movement is warring internally over what to do about the racist question. They aren't sure if they should just come out and embrace the full blown racism that they try to hide from the public, or whether they should just continue being closeted cowards. Already, we are seeing some movement towards openly supporting hate groups. The problem for the heritage movement is, all of the grifting that they have been doing for years is in peril by embracing white supremacy. They have built all of these groups who really do nothing productive to defend their so-called heritage, and if they go all-in, they run the risk of losing everything. So they're taking their sweet old time. On August 12th, were going to be documenting a bunch of these folks. They're going to be famous. Everyone is going to know that they publicly stand shoulder to shoulder with Nazis. They are going to destroy their own movement, all because they can't bring themselves to condemn racism. It is because they are all racist themselves. 

Restoring the honor! 


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