Caerulus Rex, alleged security coordinator for Unite The Right, tells Jason Kessler that open carry is not welcome...

This is an interesting discussion (Skip to 15:24) between Jason Kessler, the organizer of the Unite The Right rally, and "Caerulus Rex", who claims to be a security coordinator for the event about strategy and guns.

Caerulus Rex "Yeah, I have a pretty good bit of insight into the security precautions that are going to be taking place, most cuz, well, I’m the person that is doing a lot of the coordination. I’m doing the overall coordination between all the different security people that are doing different parts. There’s somebody that is doing security for the event itself, and then there’s other people that are doing security for individual persons. I know you’ve got, I think, aren’t you going to have your own individual security for yourself, and I know a couple others are."

Jason Kessler "Yeah."

Caerulus Rex "Yeah, I’m putting out a very strict… Now, and we’re going to get into this flyer that was being handed out, that somebody shared in one of the Discord servers. We’re going to talk about it, because this was like, “Holy shit!”, It’s like they’re trying to start shit. They’re trying to start shit, but it’s the classic “crying out in pain as they strike you” kinda thing, they’re already crying out in pain, and I’m going to put out a very strict R.O.E. to all the different people that are there to do security, and it’s going to be very defensive, it’s going to be like, you know, comply with the law. You can protect yourself, but don’t start shit. Don’t actually engage anybody that’s not engaging you. This is going to be a very strictly, like I’m actually gonna get, there is an attorney that I am going to consult about this, and I’ve got a lot of lead time for this, and I’m going to make sure that everybody’s instructions are absolutely clear. Comply with instructions from law enforcement, et cetera, but, this completely insane person… Let me see if I can find the flyer. This completely insane person has been putting flyers out, basically saying that we are the KKK all over again. Here it is. This flyer says “Dismantling the new KKK. A call to action to counter the August 12th Unite The Right march on Cville.” Now this is some of the most insane shit that I’ve seen in a while. Ok? Now, let me read this, “While the Klan is a recognizable symbol of white supremacy, there are far more dangerous and lesser known groups who will be targeting Charlottesville this summer. On August 12th, local white supremacist Jason Kessler’s organizing an Alt-Right march in Charlottesville. This is the same group that staged a torch-lit rally in Emancipation Park on May 13th, only this time they hope to return with a thousand people. In a flyer rife with Nazi and Confederate symbolism, the line-up of attendees is announced. Richard Spencer, Matthew Heimbach, Based Stickman and Baked Alaska to name a few. They will come with armed militias like the Three Percenters and The Oathkeepers, while privately planning on inciting violence under the guise of free speech. If you don’t know who these groups are, look them up. They don’t want attention, they want America to be a white, straight, Christian nation ruled by men. They are coming to intimidate and threaten the people of Charlottesville into silence. We will not be silenced.” Umm, I have (inaudible) but, I’m going to let you respond to it. My first response is that the Three Percenters and The Oathcucks? They’re not on our side. They’re more on their side then they’re on our side. Those organizations are, from my perspective, those organizations are just as anti-white as the fuckin’ ANTIFA is. They’re just the other side of the fuckin’ Kosher sandwich. If those people show up with weapons, I’m going to tell the person that’s organizing security for the event that, if those people show up with weapons, I don’t want them, I don’t want those people anywhere near anything."

Jason Kessler "Mmm hmm."

Caerulus Rex "I actually don’t want… I will publicly as the person who is, in my role, that I am, I’ll make this my public announcement, I don’t want any Three Percenters, or any Oathkeepers open carrying guns anywhere near Charlottesville. If you’re an Oathkeeper or Three Percenters, and you hear this, fuckin’, if you want to come, if you want come observe, Ok, whatever, but fuckin’, yeah, just leave your fuckin’ gat piece at home bro! You’re not fuckin’ Rambo. The shit’s not funny. If you come out threatening to assault people, uhhh, yeah, that’s not going to go over well for you. You’re gonna end up in zip cuffs, and you’re gonna spend the night in the fuckin’ County jail there in Charlottesville, so, umm, yeah, just like… those people are not our friends. I don’t know how I can make that anymore fuckin’ clear."

Jason Kessler "There’s a distinction there that can be made there between the leadership and the membership, because I meet so many people who say they’re in the Oathkeepers in this area, or the Three Percenters, and they don’t know anything about the beef between the Alt-Right and their leadership. They’re just country boys, who like weaponry and like their heritage and they may not be folks who understand the issues the same way that we do, but they understand that their heritage, their people are being smeared, and they have to do something about it. So, I think that there will be people who are Oathkeepers. They’re not coming as sanctioned by Stewart Rhodes. Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the Oathkeepers, or the leaders of the Three Percenters. There’s a lot of renegade people. Another group is the Virginia Flaggers who are a Confederate heritage group. They’re called “racists”, but they try and tow the “heritage not hate” line, and a lot of their members are going to be coming out, and that’s one thing that I wanted to accomplish with this rally, was to say to a lot of people who are so scared of being called “racist”, that look, just come out, listen to our speakers, defend their right to speak, and see people who are not afraid to stick up for white people. That’s the most important thing we can do is just show these people a little bit of leadership."

Caerulus Rex "Fair enough. I mean, the other part that I wanted to address is where they’re privately planning on inciting violence. I mean, I don’t know. I guess there might be people that are doing it in ones or twos, but if I find out that anyone actually is doing that, and this was already the case. I’ve already made it clear during a planning for the first Charlottesville event, that if anybody, if I see someone open carrying, I’m going to tell them to leave myself. Right?"

Jason Kessler "Mmm hmm."

Caerulus Rex "So anyone, if I do find out that anybody actually is doing that, I’m going to tell them not to come."

Jason Kessler "We need to get the word out about the open carry. I mean, how do you feel about people who just have a pistol on their side? I mean, there’s a big difference between having an AR…"

Caerulus Rex "Dude, I think in this kind of… I’m very Pro-gun, very Pro-gun, ok, but I think in this particular kind of setting, the only people that should be armed, openly, at the very least, the only people that should be openly armed, should be the police and, I mean, I’m telling the security detail that I’m actually commanding over, like, I have charge of, they’re going to be conceal carry. I think the only people that should be openly carrying anything, should be the police, and I’m telling everyone, look, comply with the law, even though open carry would be legal in this situation, open carry by anyone other than police is probably going to, I mean, that’s just a way of, that’s going to escalate things that don’t need to be escalated."

Jason Kessler "Right."

Caerulus Rex "So, it’s going to unnecessarily escalate an already tense situation, and as far as like privately planning on inciting violence. That’s fuckin’ bullshit, because if I find out that somebody is doing that, I’ll tell them not to come."

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