Billy Bearden and Maeve Magdalen, heritage snitches?

There's a new sheriff in town pardner, and his name's Billy Bearden. He's rooting out racists like Michael Fazenbaker. Bearden is literally doing the exact same thing that people like Connie Chastain complain about me doing. Ironic, isn't it? The part I love about the post above is where Ellen McWhorter Stone makes a big stink about it, but follows it up with "What you choose to do is your personal choice." But of course. Well folks, it appears that Billy has himself a deputy.

It's hard to be a racist in the Confederate heritage movement when you have the anti-racist watchdogs Billy Bearden and Maeve Magdalen on the case. Hey guys, do you think you could ask the Flaggers to denounce the Unite The Right rally? Oh well, I guess you heritage folks really need to be careful what you say now that you have internal snitches in your midst. 

Restoring the honor!


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