A lot of Virginia Flaggers members going to white nationalist Unite The Right rally in August says Jason Kessler...

Don't be mad at me, Jason said it, I'm just the messenger.  Listen here. Skip to 21:35.

"There’s a lot of renegade people. Another group is the Virginia Flaggers who are a Confederate heritage group. They’re called “racists”, but they try and tow the “heritage not hate” line, and a lot of their members are going to be coming out, and that’s one thing that I wanted to accomplish with this rally, was to say to a lot of people who are so scared of being called “racist”, that look, just come out, listen to our speakers, defend their right to speak, and see people who are not afraid to stick up for white people. That’s the most important thing we can do is just show these people a little bit of leadership."

I've once again reached out to the Virginia Flaggers for comment. I am not sure that they will respond to my inquiry of Mr. Kessler's claim, as they have never emailed me back before and have me completely blocked on Twitter. Was it something I said?

In my heart of hearts, I just know that a denouncement is on it's way momentarily...

Restoring the honor! 


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