44 Charlottesville business owners sign letter asking City to enforce existing laws on Jason Kessler and his Unite The Right rally...

The City should and must enforce existing laws on Jason Kessler and the Unite The Right rally. If Jason Kessler gets a pass on existing Standard Operating Procedures, then so should everyone else, from here to eternity. Via NBC 29:

"Thursday's letter states, "the event permit indicates that Kessler has no intention of preparing adequately for thousands of people to descend on Emancipation Park. There will be no toilets, no water, no food, inadequate shade, and not nearly enough room for his forecast number of attendees. By not addressing attendees’ basic needs, over a five-hour event, they will inevitably spill over to the surrounding area in order to have these needs met, bringing with them their penchant for violence and attendant counter-protesters. Sending hundreds of hungry, thirsty, overheated, overcrowded people roaming around downtown, looking for a fight, is a veritable tinderbox."
The letter mentions police officers suggesting to businesses that they close the day of the rally to avoid potential issues, which some establishments are doing, but many worry about cuts to revenue: "we can ill afford to lose a day’s business during our peak season - doing so could be the difference between profit and a loss for the month."
Citing specific regulations, the letter calls on officials to:
Ensure that there are tents adequate to shade attendees.
Ensure that adequate water is available.
Ensure that adequate toilet facilities are available.
Ensure that no sound amplification will be used, and enforce the 70 decibel sound-level limitation
Require the organizer to submit a security plan, to be reviewed and approved by the chief of police
Require the organizer to submit a health plan, to be reviewed and approved by the Virginia Department of Health
Consider moving the event to an alternate location that can handle the number of attendees, such as a larger city park.
Ensure that all fees are paid - the street closing fee, and the security deposit for the use of park areas - so that the organizer will have an incentive to exercise proper care for Emancipation Park and the surrounding area."

Restoring the honor!


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