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Exclusive: Commander of the PA Light Foot Militia, Christian Yingling, says they are gearing up to help maintain order with potential police support at Unite The Right rally...

Note: An earlier version of this post contained information that Christian Yingling disputed. The majority of that was my opinion. I have removed my opinion, and left only a bunch of facts. Yingling sent me what I consider to be a hysterical email this morning, making wild and untrue claims that I am someone I'm not, and threatening to sue me (by way of someone who isn't me) for libel. He also claimed that he would sue the Carroll County Times, an organization I have no connection to in any way. Folks, allow me to sincerely apologize to Mr. Yingling for having an opinion.  I think I hurt his feelings. I thought he wanted to protect my freedom of speech, because he said that he did below, but apparently, he isn't as much of a fan of the First Amendment as he lets on. Hilariously enough, part of the information that Yingling was disputing was a screenshot from one of the militia pages. Apparently, I'm also responsible for what they write as well. I'd like to add an a…

Jason Kessler tells white nationalist radio host that he hopes to destigmatize white nationalism with the Unite The Right rally...

Jason Kessler tells white nationalist radio host James Edwards, of the Political Cesspool, that he hopes to destigmatize white nationalism, which he calls "Pro-White advocacy", with the upcoming Unite The Right rally. (Skip to 26:00):

James Edwards: “With that being said Jason, getting back to the question that I had asked just before the break, and then we’ll bring Eddie on, who wants to say, “hello”, what would you like to see come from this event? What do you hope to accomplish?”

Jason Kessler: “Like I was saying, there’s a lot of things, the number one thing is I want to destigmatize Pro-White advocacy, because, as I said, my friends, who weren’t even associated with the rally in support of the Lee Monument that the Alt-Right did on May 13th, have been harassed and intimidated, and so forth, and I don’t want people to feel that way. I want a huge, huge crowd, and that’s what we’re going to have, to come out and support, not just the Lee Monument, but also white people in …

47th Virginia Confederate LARPers NOT coming to Unite The Right a representative says...

Despite the earlier claims on the Unite The Right Facebook event by Jeffrey Gee, that the 47th Virginia Confederate LARPers would be coming to the rally, a representative for the organization says that there is no merit to the claim. 

Folks, if you see reenactors at this event live action role playing Confederate soldiers, be sure to take photos of them, so that we can identify who they are, and what organization they belong to. 

Restoring the honor!

Jason Kessler tells white nationalist radio host that he "absolutely intended" the Unite The Right rally "to be as big as possible and it is turning out to be huge..."

Is it just me, or does it sound like the Alt-Right is being intentionally deceptive about their intentions for Unite The Right in August? Via The Political Cesspool (Skip to 13:58):

James Edwards: “So lets talk about the beginning stages Jason, what led you to determine that you wanted to organize such an event, and did you think it would become as big as it’s apparently becoming?”

Jason Kessler: “I’ll handle the second half of that first. I absolutely intended it to be as big as possible and it is turning out to be huge. We’re on track to get exactly the kind of numbers that we wanted to. We made sure that we got penetration across all our platforms. I did as many podcasts as I possibly could. We made sure it was up on websites like 4chan, on Twitter. We had a lot of great individuals who I haven’t even met yet who have done graphic design of brilliant posters and so forth, for it.” 

I mean, that sounds to me like he always intended it to be a big rally, of many more people than the 4…

Trouble Brewing: Cracks appearing between Patriots and Nazis in remaining days before Unite The Right rally...

Uh oh. We told you the other day that one of the alleged security coordinators for Jason's Unite The Right event said that he's going to tell the Patriots himself, that he doesn't want them at their rally, nor does he want anyone open carrying guns. Now, Patriots are saying that they are still coming, despite Unite The Right participants saying they don't want them there. Looks like trouble is brewing. 

If history is any indication, the violence on August 12th is likely to come from the Unite The Right participants and the Patriots, not the opposition.

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Confederate LARPers allegedly attending Unite The Right rally alongside Neo-Nazis...

Apparently, Jason Kessler really wants some Confederate LARPers for the Unite The Right rally on August 12th.

Wishes really do come true, I guess. According to Jeffrey Gee, the Virginia 47th Infantry is coming. 

I can't vouch for the claim, but I if I hear anything, I'll be sure to let everyone know.

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Disappearing Act: Daily Progress reports that Patriots have pulled out of Unite The Right related event...

This is a real shame. Via The Daily Progress:

"Another group identifying itself with the Patriot Movement on Thursday cancelled its 1Team1Fight Unity event that was scheduled for Aug. 12 in Darden Towe Park, according to a statement from Albemarle County."

Oh my. How is Chevy Love ever going to come up with the $120,000 she needed for hot dogs to feed all of those hungry Nazis?

Grifters gonna grift...


Newsplex is reporting the reason why the "Patriots" supposedly cancelled.

"The event organizer, who requested anonymity due to the tension around the Aug. 12 events, said the event was canceled after the county told them they would need a $1 million insurance policy and private security."

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Scumbag Kyle Bristow and his Foundation for the Marketplace of Ideas send scare letter regarding Unite The Right rally to Charlottesville government...

If you're wondering why the Charlottesville city government seems so adamant that the Unite The Right rally will go on despite questions about Kessler's permit application, liability insurance, and public safety, look no further than the letter above, sent by total scumbag, and Michigan attorney Kyle Bristow

The city knows that they are likely to face a legal challenge for cancelling, or altering plans in any way regarding the Unite The Right rally, even though there are Standard Operating Procedures which spell out requirements which must be met for a public event. This is their (Unite The Right rally organizers) new strategy, hide behind civil rights and use the law to get what they want. The letter above was also, in my view, an attempt to pressure the police to be more forceful in their handling of the opposition to the Unite The Right rally on August 12th. 

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Document Dump: Jason Kessler's permit application and insurance certificate for the Unite The Right rally...

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Black Lives Matter Charlottesville is calling for non-violent resistance to Unite The Right rally...

This is the right tone and tactic. The Alt-Right wants a fight, but they aren't going to get it. They are going to be denied the fodder for their narrative. On August 11th and beyond, come together to answer Black Lives Matter's call to action, and confront white supremacy head-on, face to face. Via Medium:

"We invite allies of Black Lives Matter to once again #DefendCville and to say #NoNewKKK for an entire weekend of action (August 11th-13th, 2017) that will reject the hate flowing into our town. We invite you to choose to believe in the fight for justice and the solidarity of community. We invite you to take part and together face this consolidation of hate groups, and the risk of police use of excessive force, with nonviolent direct action.America will be watching.Be a part of history."

Restoring the honor! 

44 Charlottesville business owners sign letter asking City to enforce existing laws on Jason Kessler and his Unite The Right rally...

The City should and must enforce existing laws on Jason Kessler and the Unite The Right rally. If Jason Kessler gets a pass on existing Standard Operating Procedures, then so should everyone else, from here to eternity. Via NBC 29:

"Thursday's letter states, "the event permit indicates that Kessler has no intention of preparing adequately for thousands of people to descend on Emancipation Park. There will be no toilets, no water, no food, inadequate shade, and not nearly enough room for his forecast number of attendees. By not addressing attendees’ basic needs, over a five-hour event, they will inevitably spill over to the surrounding area in order to have these needs met, bringing with them their penchant for violence and attendant counter-protesters. Sending hundreds of hungry, thirsty, overheated, overcrowded people roaming around downtown, looking for a fight, is a veritable tinderbox."The letter mentions police officers suggesting to businesses that they close …

Caerulus Rex, alleged security coordinator for Unite The Right, tells Jason Kessler that open carry is not welcome...

This is an interesting discussion (Skip to 15:24) between Jason Kessler, the organizer of the Unite The Right rally, and "Caerulus Rex", who claims to be a security coordinator for the event about strategy and guns.

Caerulus Rex "Yeah, I have a pretty good bit of insight into the security precautions that are going to be taking place, most cuz, well, I’m the person that is doing a lot of the coordination. I’m doing the overall coordination between all the different security people that are doing different parts. There’s somebody that is doing security for the event itself, and then there’s other people that are doing security for individual persons. I know you’ve got, I think, aren’t you going to have your own individual security for yourself, and I know a couple others are."

Jason Kessler "Yeah."

Caerulus Rex "Yeah, I’m putting out a very strict… Now, and we’re going to get into this flyer that was being handed out, that somebody shared in one of the …