WSET reporting that white, Virginia hate flagger, is facing federal charges for allegedly touching a black cop, and asking if a knife could penetrate his bulletproof vest...

(Image courtesy of WSET)

I don't find this the least bit surprising. Brian Rowsey is a known troublemaker in Rockbridge County, Virginia. He has a rap sheet a mile long for all sorts of minor crimes. He is a sensationalist. Always trying to grab headlines by doing something bizarre, and constantly making claims that he's being "discriminated" against for one reason, or another. The dude is a total loser. And this is exactly the types of people that the Virginia Flaggers mix themselves up with. Susan Hathaway is no leader. She is a total fake who does absolutely nothing to "defend heritage". Yet, for some odd reason, her followers still kiss her ass all day long. As they have proven many times before, character, is not a prerequisite for being an associate of the Virginia Flaggers. Via WSET:

"A Facebook Live is making its way around Rockbridge County and Lexington of a man being charged with federal 'intimidating an officer.'
In the video, you see Brian Rowsey and a Forestry Dept. officer talking about the interaction. 
You hear Rowsey admit that he went up to the officer and asked him if a knife could pierce his bulletproof vest after touching him.
He was then issued a federal violation of intimidating an officer."

I hope this creep is found guilty. I hope his punishment, if found guilty, is the harshest possible. He needs to learn a valuable life lesson. I would not be surprised if he's off his meds too.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Looks like Brian is working on the ol' "ignorance of the law" defenses.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Sorry bud, don't think that's going to work. Seems like people are really clamoring to see the video, but Rowsey says he took it down.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

I think we can help with that...

Restoring the honor! 


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