Virginia Flaggers have their asses handed to them, yet again...

(Image courtesy of The Roanoke Times)

People are sick and tired of the Virginia Flaggers strutting around like they can do whatever the hell they please. You've accomplished squat this year. Your little project is becoming too expensive to manage, the media and the public are aligning against you, everyone has grown bored with your feeble threats, and you're sitting by with your thumbs up your asses while Nazis, literally take over your ridiculous joke of a movement. The entire world is laughing at you no talent ass-clowns. Via The Roanoke Times:

"The Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors voted Monday night to deny an appeal of a review board’s decision that went against the Virginia Flaggers, an organization known for its super-sized displays of the rebel flag around the state.
In January, the Flaggers ran their 600-square-foot flag up an 85-foot-tall pole, making it impossible to miss from where it flew next to a pawn shop on U.S. 60 just west of Lexington.
“We are honoring Confederate veterans. That’s what the purpose of the flag is,” Barry Insenhour of the Flaggers told the supervisors in asking them to reverse the review board’s earlier decision that the flag violated zoning rules.
But some county residents were troubled by such a large display of the kind of racism that many people have come to associate with the flag.
Even when free-speech considerations and a recognition of Confederate history were taken into account, many opponents said the flag was too just too big and too tacky for the surrounding community.
“You don’t have to tell me the that Civil War is a big deal,” said Rockbridge County resident John Pancake, whose ancestors fought for the Southern cause.
But his family members and all the others who suffered through the war do not “need to have their sacrifices honored by a gigantic flag on the edge of town that is exactly the right size for a used car dealership in Daytona Beach, but not Lexington, Virginia,” said Pancake, one of nine speakers to oppose the flag in comments to the board Monday.
The flag was taken down in March, after county zoning officials said it violated a setback requirement by sitting too close to the highway. Rather than pay hundreds of dollars in fines, the Flaggers and the owners of the property decided to cut their losses and start over."

The report goes on to add:

"It was unclear what the Flaggers, who have erected two other large Confederate flags in Rockbridge County and one in the city of Lexington, plan to do next. Isenhour declined to comment as he left the board meeting."

Folks, the Flaggers have actually regressed. They are now zero trick ponies. 

Restoring the honor!


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