Them's fightin' words?

Can't wait to see this litigated

Restoring the honor!


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    1. Fogel is representing Veronica Fitzhugh, who was arrested for using her free speech to tell Kessler that she didn't want him in their community. According to news reports, Kessler admits she didn't touch him, yet she was arrested for assault and battery. Fogel was eating dinner and drinking a beer. At no time did he (Fogel) approach Kessler, Kessler approached Fogel several times. Kessler called him a "communist" and then one of Kessler's buddies called him a "communist piece of shit". Meanwhile, Kessler's jailtime for an earlier assault was suspended and he was given community service for an assault he admits. On top of that, he made up a false story that he was assaulted, filed a false report to police, and wasn't held accountable for it. Clearly emboldened, he's now antagonizing and inciting in public. He is a scourge on society.


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