The Softball Game: Jason Kessler appears on yet another white nationalist podcast, media still not sure what's going on...

It has happened yet again folks. Jason Kessler, Charlottesville's number one far-right agitator has appeared on yet another white nationalist podcast. This one, he's no stranger to. Red Ice, is a white nationalist "media" outlet. Kessler also live streamed the last white nationalist rally in Charlottesville live for Red Ice. Despite all that, the local and national media have failed to report it. Is it because Kessler scared them into submission with his nasty email? I had a twenty minute conversation with the general manager for one of the local Virginia news outlets about how they are sanitizing language in their reporting on Kessler and his buddies. They had published an article in which they referred to Kessler as a "white activist", which is exactly the kind of terminology Kessler wants them to use. Jason, why don't you just start typing up your own news reports and submitting them, and telling them that they have to print them? I'm sure they will do it to kiss your ass. When are the news media going to do real investigative journalism? When are they going to tell you, the public, who these people are that Jason is buddying up with? When are they going to show you the pictures of these guys in front of flaming swastikas? They aren't, because they don't do journalism. If one lousy email is all it takes to scare you shitless, then you guys might as well hang it up. You're useless.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Sounds like your local news media dons't agree with your assessment.


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