Jason Kessler on the Right Voice podcast, 4/12/17...

Folks, people have got to stop calling Jason Kessler and his buddies "white nationalists". Please y'all. Just stop it already. It is defamatory, or so I have read...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

By the way, good luck locating that episode on The Right Voice website.

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(Image courtesy of The Right Voice)

It's missing for some strange reason... And it is a good thing too, because Jason has a really low tolerance for "white supremacy" and "white nationalism".

(Image courtesy of Twitter)

I mean, really folks, can we grow up already? Where in the hell are people going to come up with a crazy idea like Jason Kessler's buddies are white nationalists?

(Image courtesy of The Daily Caller)

Here are some of the nice things Jason had to say about people he apparently has nothing to do with.

Oh, yeah... Good luck in court shit-fuck.

Restoring the honor!


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