Ace Baker of American Warrior Revolution works out differences with white nationalists, vows both groups are "moving forward"...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Just let that sink in. The Patriots are working with white nationalists now. The Patriots talked a bunch of smack about fucking up the League of the South, but instead, they took a tongue lashing from white nationalists, and apparently decided that they'd rather work with racists then fight them. This Ace Baker dude is a real joke. All this dude does is make Facebook live videos of himself rubbing his neckbeard and drinking Yuengling. The Patriot movement is nothing more than a bunch of pathetic motivational grifters, who do nothing IRL but sell out minorities to join forces with racists in backroom deals.

Restoring the honor!


  1. If you claim you are a patriot, its likely you are nothing of the sort.


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