Virginia Flaggers urge their followers to vote for a gubernatorial candidate who refused to denounce Nazis masquerading as "Confederate heritage"...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

We all know what is going on here. Just as we know what it means when Corey Stewart won't denounce Nazis, we know what it means when the Virginia Flaggers throw their support behind Stewart. Ok. Fine. Have it your way. I don't understand why they keep up this charade. We already know. You're not fooling anyone.

Restoring the honor!


  1. The Nazis are long since dead. All you have today is cheap knockoffs....

    1. Oh is that so? Then what were they doing at a Flagger event in North Carolina today? Two of them were arrested, so we will know their identities soon.

      Did you listen to that podcast? Are you paying attention? It's no longer Flaggers vs Anti-Racists, you now have to fight your white power buddies too. Y'all are going to need a whole lot more Black Confederates. LOL!!!

    2. One should look at the Twitter page of Connie's friend James Owen. He is very friendly with some real racist folks...

  2. This should warm Connie's heart. Heritage movement t is quickly morphing into open white nationalism. Now calling for the removal of black Civil Rights icons who fought for equal rights. Welcome to the new "heritage", same as the old heritage, white supremacy.


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