Virginia Flaggers fail to make list of relevant players in Charlottesville monument battle...

(Image courtesy of The Daily Progress)

It would seem that the Virginia Flaggers are all but slipping into obscurity these days. Even The Daily Progress fails to mention the Flaggers in an article devoted to listing the major players in the Charlottesville monument battle. This is especially telling, after the Flaggers promised lawsuits on multiple occasions, but failed to deliver. I suppose they've just been too busy removing flags to get involved. What a bad year it has been for the Virginia Flaggers so far. What, if anything, can they do to turn it around? Their leader, showing up in this thread is a good start I suppose...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

You know Mike Enoch, don't you? He's one of the white power dudes responsible for the shit show in Charlottesville two weekends ago. 

Mike Enoch.

There you go. Now you can put a face to the name. If you'll recall, not everyone condemned the Nazis blatant use of the "heritage" movement, including the Flaggers, which is odd for a group who claims to be fighting to protect it. 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

I suppose that it helps to have a dog around to hear the whistle when you blow it...

Restoring the honor!


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