Third white nationalist "Confederate heritage" event in three weeks held in Orlando, led by blood drinking creep...

Neo-Nazis connected to Identity Evropa hold a "You Will Not Replace Us" banner at a "Confederate heritage" event in Orlando, Florida. (Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

Folks, the Confederate heritage movement is currently being redefined as white supremacy, and the "heritage" folks are apparently just fine with it. For three consecutive weeks, events that are either organized by heritage folks and subsequently crashed by white supremacists, or just plain outright organized by the white power movement in the name of "Confederate heritage", have been held across the South. The "heritage" community has been extremely silent about the Neo-Nazis co-opting their movement, either because they support them, or because they are too cowardly to stand up to them.

Nazis rally for "Confederate heritage" in Charlottesville, Virginia. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Three weekends ago, Richard Spencer, who is perhaps America's most well known white supremacist, held a Confederate heritage styled rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The event was a serious escalation of white supremacist organizations, and part of a new strategy to latch onto the "Confederate heritage" movement as a way to raise awareness of their supremacist ideology, and also as a way to swell their ranks. Only the Sons of Confederate Veterans "cucked", and denounced the event, while all other "heritage" groups stayed silent.

A fascist banner is dropped at a "Confederate heritage" event in Graham, North Carolina. (Image courtesy of Twitter)

Last weekend, the "heritage" group ACTBAC out of North Carolina, held an event that was attended by members of the League of the South, Identity Dixie, and perhaps other white nationalist groups, in Graham. Two US Marines were arrested at the event for unfurling a banner with the symbol for the Identitarian movement, and which included the initials "YWNRU", which stands for "You Will Not Replace Us", which is the exact same slogan chanted by white power extremists in Charlottesville the week prior.

Organizer of the Lake Eola "Confederate heritage" rally, Augustus Invictus. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

This weekend, Augustus Invictus, a Libertarian who is best know for sacrificing goats and drinking their blood, organized another "Confederate heritage" themed rally in Orlando, Florida, which again included the participation of League of the South and Identity Evropa members.

(Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

This sudden concentration by white supremacists, on all things Confederate is no coincidence. The Nazis see the current controversy surrounding the removal of symbols of the Confederacy as a golden opportunity for them to recruit disaffected "heritage" folks. This is an organized strategy, as an attempt to "lean on" mainstream "heritage" groups, in an attempt to pressure them into abandoning their fake "heritage not hate" narratives, and embracing hate outright. Brad Griffin, the founder of the white nationalist blog Occidental Dissent has been busy creating a series of You Tube videos and blog posts centered around the Confederacy and "Confederate heritage", and which are essentially heart-to-heart talks with the "Rainbow Confederates", as part of a larger concerted effort to sway them into the white power camp.

There has also been a recent rise of "Alt-Right" groups and podcasts such as Identity Dixie and the Rebel Yell, whose primary focus is on Southerners, as well as a gathering held in January, known as The Atlanta Forum, which is basically a white supremacist meet-and-greet/networking/strategizing event. This movement is collectively known as the "Alt-South" movement. There is little doubt that the white supremacists recognize that a large portion of the "Confederate heritage" community are already as racist as your ordinary white nationalist, even if they are too cowardly to identify as such, and this recent push is just a way of trying to get them out of the closet and standing unashamedly shoulder-to-shoulder with them in a real world setting.

A coalition between white power and "Confederate heritage" groups would have to be "carefully coordinated" says Virginia Flagger webmaster Connie Chastain. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

It's yet to be seen whether this new strategy will pay dividends. So far, the "heritage" movement has been slow to come around, though we are seeing some evidence of movement towards open embrace of white power. I'd advise making popcorn, because just like we saw recently with the "Patriot" movement, this is eventually going to come to a head, and the "heritage" folks are going to have to choose a side. They can abandon the hate groups and embrace anti-racism, or go down flaming, with the Nazi ship. Your choice Cuckfederates. Choose wisely.

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