Third report of Cuckfederate stand down emerges in New Orleans...

It's pretty safe to say at this point that the Left has won the Battle of New Orleans due to a full retreat by the cowardly Cuckfederates. I never had any doubt that they were going to roll over and run. These folks are an embarrassment to their ancestors. The only thing they're willing to do is get online, talk a bunch of shit, and milk people for money. It's all a scam folks. However, the white supremacists are finally in town to show them how it's done. Best case scenario in New Orleans is that the Left stays away, the white power guys waste more time and money to travel hundreds or thousands of miles for nothing. That's a major win for the Left by tying up their resources and making them look like total tools. Oh yeah, and by not showing up, you're ensuring that things remain peaceful, which is what I'm cautiously optimistic is what's going to happen. 

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

No matter what happens, we already have one big loser in this giant fiasco, the Confederate Heritage movement. This is the third failure of the "Confederate Army" in a week. Matt Reardon, a Confederate snake-oil salesman, has posted a Facebook live video which reports that General PT Barnum has given the stand down orders, and so the Cuckfederate Army is in retreat.

Oops. (Image courtesy of Facebook)

Isn't that convenient? Out of commission for the next 24 hours of disaster. I said just the other day that these clowns needed to pack up the carnival and move it along, but they chose to inflame tensions further, and now they're running for their lives, skeered to death. Pathetic. We've just gotten word that the Black Rebel has pulled out as well.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Just look at the circus these Confederate clowns have turned this into:


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