Southern Nationalists vow to "drive a stake through the heart of the Rainbow Confederate movement"...

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Well, that escalated quickly. We've gone from Brad Griffin making You Tube videos, to Dr. Mike, vowing to "drive a stake though the heart of the Rainbow Confederate movement once and for all!" Of course, it's still not clear exactly what that means, or how they intend to do that, but we have plenty of popcorn ready for the show.

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In the meantime, Griffin is getting the ball rolling by laying out a bunch of the failures of the Rainbow Confederate movement, and throwing down the gauntlet, in a new blog post at Occidental Dissent.

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It sure sounds like they're serious, but I'm not so sure. For many years the heritage and hate communities have done a delicate dance with each other, co-existing in the same space, but it "just doesn't look like this town is big enough for the both of us any longer, Pardner!"

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I don't feel bad for the Rainbows. They've invited this showdown through years and years of grifting scam, after grifting scam, false promises of protecting and defending "heritage", and moving the goalposts back, while simultaneously claiming victory. Perhaps that's all about to change as the "Alt-South" ramps up to give it a go. 

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Looks like we already have our first naysayer.

Good question. Answer seems obvious. (Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

The most likely outcome is a divide that tears the "heritage" movement apart. I don't think that the Rainbow Confederate movement has the willpower to fight back against the hate movement. We haven't heard a peep out of the heritage movement, which leads me to believe that they are content with getting out of the way and letting the white power movement redefine who they are, and what they believe. I think we're going to need more popcorn...

Restoring the honor!


  1. Hahahaha. The League radicalized and racialized four or five years ago because it had been ineffective for 20 years. It is still ineffective. There IS no "rainbow Confederate" movement. So they're gonna drive a stake through its nonexistent heart? Hahaha. They're tilting at windmills.

    1. We'll see. Methinks you guys will either a) cave or b) "cuck" out. Either way, I win!

      Hey, did you hear about your pal Jason? Susan seems really concerned about him, just not about the Nazis he's playing with.


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