Robert E. Lee Monument to be removed today in New Orleans...

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After early reports yesterday, that the Robert E. Lee Monument in New Orleans was to be removed overnight, the city has now said that the monument will come down today, beginning during daylight hours. As I said before, this one will hurt the most. Robert E. Lee has been elevated to godlike status by the "heritage" community. Lee is a symbol of everything they believe that "heritage" is about. After today, we wait to see where the monuments end up, and what contextualization is added. 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Curiously, after a whole heap of smack talking, the Southern Nationalists have been nowhere to be found. I guess the "heritage" community will just have to go it alone. 

Restoring the honor!



  2. Yes. Thank you for that. I actually already knew about it because someone sent me an anonymous email to point out the part of the last paragraph resembles white supremacist David Eden Lane's "14 Words" mantra. I must admit, I do see the similarities, and differences. Mainly that yours leaves out the word "white". It would do you well (and all Rainbows) to listen to this podcast with Brad Griffin and Kessler. I'm sure you'll find it quite interesting how Kessler is now stabbing you in the back. That's what happens when you back yourself into the white power corner, but you guys are going to find that out soon enough for yourselves.

    That's your boy, JK. Remember a few weeks ago when you asked me if I was jelly? That was before JK went and had a "heritage" rally with the Nazis. I said it before and I'll say it again, you will have to pick a side. Either way, you lose. Y'all aren't getting out of this without a surrender or a fight.

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