Rally behind the Virginians?

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Folks, I just watched a few hours of Auntie Ruckus' live Facebook feed from New Orleans, and the shit was absolute bananas down there tonight. The crowd of people who want the monuments down was massive compared to the handful of Heritage supporters. Just like 1865, the Confederates were forced to retreat. Heritage supporters are talking a bunch of smack online, but none of them are willing to do anything but talk. Many people are suggesting they rally behind the Virginians, but that is assuming that the Virginians have the willpower to do anything. They don't. You will soon see these same fights played out in Virginia, and the Flaggers are just going to stand by and watch, just like the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Mark my words. They cannot stop this wave. The only thing Flaggers are good for is talking shit and making promises they aren't going to keep. They're so pathetic that they've only raised a single flag this year, and that one came down!

I'm sorry. "Pet negroe?" "Dindu?" (Images courtesy of Facebook)

As for NOLA, we're hearing that they are finally going to get some reinforcements. No, not from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the LOSers. That's right, there is talk that our favorite hate group is on the way. 

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Oh boy. Can't wait! That should make it all better. Looks like the LOSers are coming in to do what the Heritage folks are already doing, standing by until the City legally removes their own property.

Restoring the honor!


  1. Barricades are now up.


    The city needs to make the area around the monument off limits, with a threat of arrest for trespassing. The Heritage folks that set up camp around the monument instigated the large crowds last night by being there. These folks came in from out of town, set up camp around the monument. They don't belong there. They need to go home. They can watch the monuments come down from home. They are turning New Orleans into a circus and creating a hostile environment. At the end of the day, the city owns the monument and the Heritage folks lost their legal fight. They need to accept the communities decision.

    Now, the LOSers are talking about coming in, and you know they're going to be armed. This back and forth ratcheting up of tension isn't a good idea. It's not going to lead to anything good. They need to accept reality and stop being whiny snowflakes. The Heritage people are throwing temper tantrums like little babies. It's pathetic.


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