P.G.T. Beauregard Monument removed in New Orleans while both "heritage" and hate sit idly by and watch...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

It has happened again folks. The city of New Orleans has removed the third of four monuments, including one explicitly devoted to the remembrance of white supremacy. Over the weekend, we saw a large group of Nazis protest monument removal in Charlottesville, Virginia, but last night, while crews labored at removing tributes to racists and traitors, the white power wussies were nowhere to be found. They are all talk. Neither the "heritage", nor the hate movements have the willpower to do anything to stop the removal of the monuments. The only way they are going to stop it is with force, which they are not willing to do. So make more popcorn, because this next one is really going to hurt. 

Restoring the honor!


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  2. I'm hearing word that a "Patriot" was just arrested for vandalizing the base of the monument in broad daylight. These people are certifiably insane.


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