Michael Cushman vs. the Rainbows...

(Image courtesy of Occidental Dissent)

I'll tell you what the "Heritage" folks have done. Nothing. They've sat by, pecking away at their keyboards, night after night, while their monuments and flags disappear. They've created countless donation pages, and no one knows where all of the money goes (but it sure as hell doesn't go to stop the removal of monuments and flags.) They've made spectacles of themselves time and time again. They've bragged about how many followers they have (like that means jack shit.) They've gone out and dredged up every single Auntie and Uncle Ruckus they can find to prove once and for all that they aren't racists (and it didn't work.) They have made abject fools of themselves. And finally, they have denied until they are blue in the face that they have anything to do with despicable people like Michael Cushman. Yeah, sure you don't...

"I saw on the Faceberg today, where some Baby Boomer, Southern heritage activist types were counter-signaling the recent Alt-Right torchlight march in support of the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia. This was disappointing to say the least, but predictable. You can count on Baby Boomer cucks to counter-signal anything hardcore. "Heritage not hate" is their motto, an approach our ancestors would have scorned, and one which has repeatedly failed for at least a generation. While they prattle on about the legions of Black, Asian, Mexican and Martian Confederates, our enemies destroy our culture, and get rid of all our symbols of our heritage. It should be obvious by now, but the Baby Boomer approach to heritage, has failed." 

Michael Cushman on the "Alt-South Memo 6: Torching Cuckfederates", published May 16, 2017 at Occidental Dissent.

Restoring the honor!


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