Jason Kessler's one-way free speech street...

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

Now folks, if you've been following me for any length of time, you know that I do not condone violence. I agree, these white nationalists are Nazi scum, but unless you are defending yourself against physical attack, the use of physical violence (IMO) is neither necessary, nor warranted. (Yes, I know that not everyone agrees with me on this issue, and that's ok, because it's a free country, in which we can agree to disagree.) Which brings me to my favorite method for combating this rancid garbage, muh free speech. I believe in using my free speech to combat their free speech. Unfortunately, free speech is a one-way street to the Alt-Right-supremacists. Sure. They talk a good game, but they do not really believe in free speech for anyone but themselves. The reason they are complaining about free speech is because their views are not accepted by society and they soooooooo mad! No one wants to hear their white supremacist nonsense. Awwww. Poor guys. 

But I digress. The screenshot above is used by Jason Kessler, I guess, to illustrate what a poor, helpless victim he is. Poor Jason the snowflake, is all kinds of pissed off, because other people (that are not him) are using their free speech creatively, to combat his free speech, and he doesn't like it. Whaaaaah! 

Now granted, I wouldn't have used that hashtag, but it is legal. We don't even know if the person who made the post created the flyers. I doubt it. Even so, it's not a crime to write "#KillYourLocalNazi". Kessler isn't named. For that matter, no one is named, so it is perfectly legal. In bad taste? Maybe. Legal? Yes. The kicker for me though, is that Kessler apparently deduced that someone who references unnamed "Nazis" was talking about him. What's wrong Jay? Guilty conscience? Good thing Kessler has a large support network in place to console him in his time of grief, like Susan Hathaway, the leader of the Virginia Flaggers. She's come up with a real bright idea too, spam the FBI with a false report of a criminal act, which is really just free speech that they don't like. I'm sure the FBI will appreciate that. It never ceases to amaze me, the things that do, or don't, trigger Silent Susan of Sandston.

(Image courtesy of Facebook)

So folks, let's not deprive Jason of his free speech. Go for it Jay. Let's hear what you've got to say.

That's Jason using a bunch of his free speech to say that, "he doesn't give a goddamn about being called a racist", and to praise a bunch of his wonderful Nazi buddies, like: Evan Thomas, Eli Mosely, Nathan Damigo of Identity Evropa (a convicted felon), Mike Enoch, Sam Dixon, Richard Spencer and the National Policy Institute, American Vanguard, Matthew Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party, the League of the South, Sacco Vandal, and Red Ice TV. 

Mike Enoch. One of a long list of people thanked by Jason Kessler at the white nationalist gathering in Charlottesville. (Image courtesy of The Daily Stormer)

Isn't that just heartwarming? Great company you're keeping there Jay. 

Restoring the honor!


  1. https://angrywhitemen.org/2017/05/27/white-nationalists-and-neo-confederates-agree-removing-confederate-statues-is-a-form-of-ethnic-cleansing/

    "Of course that isn’t what he meant by that. Kessler is under the impression that statues of white people in general are being targeted regardless of what those people did in life. And then he conflated the removal of statues of slave owners to ancient relics and historical buildings constructed through slave labor. He asked his audience whether anti-racists wanted to “take down the Great Wall of China because it was built with slave labor,” or the “Mayan and Aztecan pyramids which were built with slave labor.”"

    There especially haven't been any calls to tear down the Great Wall of China, and Mayan and Aztec pyramids because Americans don't live in the countries that those constructions reside in. We don't have any say in what those countries do with their property. Americans are concerned with American things. Totally rediculous argument there Jason.


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